Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Two days ago I was struck at how lovely this picture was (cannot for the life of me remember which blog posted the image so please yell out if it was yours as would love to link back) and thought, aside the from the obvious Jackie Kennedy style and sophistication, the colour combination was really rather pretty.

Of course it sent me on a whirl looking for images in similar hues.

Image from Decor Pad

Sarah Richardson nursery from here.

 Image from Decor Pad

 Image from Decor Pad

Candelabra from Urban Outfitters found via here.

Image from Under a Paper Moon.

So then this afternoon when I sat down to catch up on the last 24hrs of Bloggington I was delighted to find that one of my favourite bloggers (Louise from Table Tonic) had written about a similar combination she is trying out in her daughter's room.

Louise's "vibe tray" of inspiration (fantastic idea!) pop over here to read more about it.

Pink + orange + yellow = pirangellow, pronounced pee-ranj-el-o, pirangellow.


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