Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flutter By

Elle Decor tells me that one of the trends to come out of the International Gift Fair in NY this week, is butterflies (as well as beetles and ladybirds for that matter).  I've never been crazy about the butterfly motif, there's something so obvious about their beauty that doesn't appeal to me (did I mention that my blog is only my opinion!).  Let me see if I can't find a few images to persuade me otherwise.

A bold statement.

Image from decor pad.

At first glance I thought maybe I could do them like this but on further reflection I realise it's actually the frames I love.

Maybe in a lamp base like this one...

In a ottoman-come-coffee table perhaps...

Image from decor pad.

Is a garden seat too much?  


You can get this one for from Amazon in red or blue for $130.

I think the closest I will come to embracing this trend will be with something like an oven mitt from here.  

It's quirky, I like it.

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