Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ahh the Weekend

Lying in and chatting because you're both on the same schedule; piping hot cuppas with friends; lazy lunches that go long into the afternoon; dinners & movies; the weekly trip to Bunnings. What's not to love?

Image from Martha Stewart

Thursday, July 22, 2010


As those of you who work from home know, a ridiculous amount of time is spent in the study/office/studio yet all too often it is the most overlooked space when it comes to decorating. In my quest to make mine beautiful I am inspired by these amazing home working spaces...

Love the faux bamboo chair and splashes of turquoise blue, what a great option for the tiniest of spaces!

Image from Decor Pad

The window is an elegant feature and is set off by the framed prints either side. Love the painted cane chair and vintage desk.

Image from Decor Pad

A very feminine space...

Image from Benton

...and another, Charlotte York's desk in SATC

Image from HBO

Love this desk.

Image from My Design Secrets.

For the Anna Wintour in us all.

Image from Glam Home Office

Her actual office.

Image from Fashionologie

Can't understand why people thought The Devil Wears Prada was a parody?

Image from Fashionologie.

The wallpaper adds a jaunty flavour.

Image from Fresh Home

I'm not crazy about the wall colour but love the layout, wouldn't it be nice to have that huge bank of windows to dream out.

Image from Fem Talks

The cluster of photos and prints above the desk is perfect.

Image from Productivity Goal

And an office with an escape to the outside world. Perfect.

Image from Room Envy

And on that note, I'm leaving mine to start my Friday in the outside world. Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cinderella Me

Image from Martha Stewart

Everyone loves a good transformation story and my dear little office is no exception! It is wailing for a serious makeover and at last I find myself with some time and inclination to get started. Now the beauty of the before and after shots can only be appreciated when said before shot is followed immediately by the after. So because it is still before and there is no afterglow to bask in, there are no photos to share yet.

But here's what I have in mind for my new "studyio" (pronounced stud-ee-o, meaning a little bit sensible study and a little bit swanky studio):
  • A new desk where the view is out my window and not at a blank wall.
  • Doors for the seven wall mounted cabinets (IKEA was out of stock when we bought the cabinets and we never went back to check if the doors had come back in, it is a MAJOR trek down to our nearest store)
  • Wallpaper on the wall with the door in it.
  • A cluster of P&P paraphernalia including frames, plates and a very special 1950s cross-stitch to the left of the window.
  • A big inspiration/pin board.
  • Some framed prints in a row on the wall opposite the inspiration board.
  • And a big old comfy single chair to go in the corner of the room so Mr. B or anyone else can drop by for a cuppa when I'm working :)
Now, may I just say in deference to Martha's photo, I am chuffed at how similar it looks to my current little space and what I have planned for it. We have almost identical shelving (of course my contents are not so aesthetically arranged and coordinated) and wall paint colour (mine's a bit lighter, Dulux Warm Neutral 1/4 strength) and that little space to the left of the window is the same's a sign peeps, let the fairytale begin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good Fences

It may seem like an odd place to start but it was this very image of an impossibly perfect hedge that confirmed for me that I wanted to start blogging about homes and all they entail. Taken by Cameron Davidson on assignment for Vanity Fair, this hedgerow is amazing. All the more breathtaking for the angle of the shot. If Robert Frost said "good fences make good neighbours", then does it follow that fabulous hedges make for fabulous neighbours?


I love our house. I love it so much, Mr. B & I chose to have the party here after our wedding. It was perfect. It's our very first one so it's 'umble but I love the home it's become in the four years we've owned it. Having always been drawn to the world of interiors and exteriors, be it in simple private homes or grand public buildings, it was only a matter of time before I started collating my thoughts. After spending two years writing for my business I found myself hankering for a reason to write for pleasure, and so begins First House on the Right, the directions to our place.
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