Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Wishes

It's another party this weekend for Mr. B and I and before you can ask, no, they never get tired. I love a good do!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Me

I defy any Mad Men fan (I'm thinking of you Tish) not to waste at least 10 minutes making yourself over with Dyna Moe's fun Mad Men Yourself.

Here I am pitching an idea to Don and the fellas.

Movie Review : Life As We Know It

It's a pretty simple formula, Josh Duhamel + any plot line + any other actors + any director = fantastic movie. What's not to love?! Chicks at the Flicks has rolled around again and a group of us popped into our local for another fab evening. Again, the goody bags didn't disappoint, we made sure to enter they lucky dip raffle and cheered like crazy things when Sarah's name was pulled out of the bundle!

So, when are phone photos ever a good idea?? They captured the moment though (and blinded the subjects with iPhone's startling new super flash!).

We saw Life As We Know It, starring Josh Duhamel and it's hard to remember who else, just kidding, Katherine Heigl was a lovely if sometimes uptight Holly. The movie was a great romp with believable chemistry between the leads (I'm not talking Angelina/Brad Mr & Mrs Smith chemistry where I felt if I'd put a bottle under the screen I could have caught it as it oozed out of every pixel but still great chemistry nonetheless), good storyline and an excellent supporting cast of nosy/helpful neighbours. They were hilarious. Many of my biggest laughs came on the back of their funny one-liners and their perfect comic timing. Sarah Burns was hilarious as the case worker who turned up at all the wrong times. I want to say more but won't lest this post becomes a spoiler alert, so in short, I give this movie 4 out 5 stars. Grab a date with a mate and go see it!

Oh and by the way, you'd offer to live with ANYONE if you could reside in their house. It is beautiful and guess what, it's for sale. There is no blog that does a movie house more justice than Julia at Hooked on Houses and though the movie just come out she's already got a great post on the house. Pop over here to have a look at more pictures.

Image from Hooked on Houses

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open for Business

Today, my lovely new blogging friend Kellie from Ada & Darcy opened her brand new online interiors boutique! Have been eagerly waiting for the store to open and Kellie hasn't disappointed, there are so many fabulous pieces it's hard to know where to start first. Here are some of the favourites I don't think I'm going to be able to resist for too long:

All images from
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