Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The first Tuesday in November

Other than Anna Sewell's Black Beauty, a few terrifying moments at pony club when I was 7 and learning Jessica's Theme on the piano in preparation for my own prince charming after I saw The Man from Snowy River, I've had very little to do with the equine variety. But as I do have friends who love them and the race that stops the nation is taking place in a few hours time...for you, a horsey post.

Just what every living room needs, the life-size Moooi horse lamp.

Image from here.

As you can see Robbie and his new wife have one, of course they do.

On their wedding day here.

The movie that made me think pony club would be a good idea. I blame Elizabeth.

Image from here

In 1965 Jean Shrimpton set Melbourne Cup fashion in a spin by turning up in a shift dress that ended at least 10cm above her knees. She compounded the scandal by wearing no hat, stockings or gloves. Imagine. Cup fashion is never the same again.

Image from here.

Case in point, 70 year old British fashion guru Zandra Rhodes in the Cup parade down Swanson Street this year.

Image from here.

Stella McCartney's 'horse collection' for Chloe in 2001 triggers a horsey furore that is hashed and rehashed in chain stores and for the next few years.

Here with Liv Tyler.

It's shallow things like Princess Mary's fabulous Prada riding boots that make me think I could do it!

Image from here.

Note to self, you can't.

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