Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Wishes

The week is done and I have high hopes for the weekend.

Image from here.

Wishing you all a very happy one.

WINNER: 20 Followers Giveaway

So here we are marking the auspicious occasion of my blog getting to 20 followers.  It really is very exciting.  Imagine how hysterical I'm going to get if it keeps growing.  Thanks so much to the 8 of you who entered and an extra thanks to Ash and Jones for blogging about it, that's an extra entry each for both of you :)  Bringing the number of entries to a staggering 10!

I've assigned your numbers in order of when you commented (Ash & Jones, I've put your blog alerts in as an extra entry at the end of the day you posted).

  1. Ash e
  2. Tomas & Jones
  3. Heather
  4. Jones at Tomas & Jones (blog post)
  5. Elisabeth
  6. Simone at The Regatta Beach Shack
  7. Lorinda
  8. Dunnes
  9. Ash e (blog post)
  10. Ilse
So off to and will be back with the results...

...I'm back.

Am happy to announce that True Random Number Generator has pronounced the following winner:


That's you Heather!  Congrats!  Totally worth persisting with leaving a comment! 

Now remember if you're completely devastated about not winning, don't forget you can get one here.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Luckily for me Mr.B likes a good Paul Newman movie so he agreed to watch Cat on a Hot Tin Roof after dinner last night.

It's been years since we've watched it and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY: Reading Corner

So begins my first DIY post.  Mercy.  Yesterday morning when dusting some shelves, I clearly put too much elbow grease into the situation and the middle shelf came crashing down.  Hmmm.

I'd removed contents to dust obviously the wall doesn't normally look this drab :)

Unperturbed I took it as a sign from the universe that a change was in order and I wasted no time getting started - first of all, a piece of art from and by my friend Tish that has been sobbing for a hanging spot for too long.  No longer.

Instead of leaning on a dresser, where the shelves once were, now hangs my lovely painting.

And what of the three shelves I hear you implore?

Well they are now the heart and soul of a new reading nook for all the little peeps in our life since the 'blings started having kids. Having coveted the various versions of this shelf over the years, I set about recreating the look for myself.  If PB won't come to Australia, Nicole will go to PB (in her DIY).

And the end result?  "I just 'yuv it!" as my nephew says.

I'm not "yuving" the cushion covers but they'll do for now.

Obviously all the real DIY work happened when Mr. B got home from work (behind every great husband there's a wife with too many bright ideas) BUT I did help hold the shelves while he attached them to the wall and I used my trusty iPhone level app to get them straight.

I suppose a real DIY post tells you how you can do it yourself - I got the shelves from Ikea a number of years ago for less than $10 each.  Nice story but very unhelpful as they are no longer available!  I did see some VERY similar ones the other day but for the life of me cannot find them now on the IKEA website :(  Scout around and if you can't find any I've also seen some great posts lately where IKEA spice racks have been used to marvelous effect as bookshelves for kids.  Have a look for yourself here and here.

The $2.49 Bekvam.

Suffice to say, I'm very happy with my new little nook.

Don't you just love the glossy mag finish my phone gave this photo?

Ahem...this is not who the reading nook was created for!

Our dog Sebastian, who pretty much goes by the name Naughty Seb.

Now, another little reminder, don't forget to enter my first ever (this is momentous) giveaway here, the lucky winner will be decided (and announced) this Friday :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty Bookplates

I am systematically (OK it's not that systematic) working my way through my books and adding a bookplate to the inside of each cover.  While it's a bit time consuming, I'm certainly enjoying hunting and gathering the bookplates.

Today these arrived from Oiseaux.

24 personalised vintage bluebird bookplates for $15.95 (USD but does it 
really matter anymore)  from here.


Toile on Tuesday

About six or seven years ago I was a little bit obsessed with toile (mind you, not obsessed enough to know it was pronounced "twarl" and not "toil" so I can't have been too hardcore). More correctly, toile de jouy (for the factory in France that started this whole thing off),  is a repeated pattern depicting a fairly intricate scene on a plain background.  Now we know, thank you online encyclopedia Britannica.

Today, while I can appreciate these beautiful rooms, I'm not so sure it's me.

Image from here

                                               Image from here                                                                                                                                              Image from here

Image from here

                                                                              Image from here                                                                                                        Image source removed.

Image from here

If you're not bold enough to use it in a room, it makes for very stylish gumboots and dog beds.

                            Image from here                                                       Image from here

Image from here

How about you? 

PS  Don't forget to enter my first giveaway here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

20 Followers Giveaway!

I'm not too proud to admit how excited I was today when the number of followers on my blog hit 20! (uhm that's 20 exclamation mark, not 201).  So I thought to celebrate (along with the toast I'll be making to myself tonight), I would hold my first giveaway.

This sweet little pewter tray (from my own P&P) is perfect for holding knickknacks on a dresser by the side of the bed or keys at the front door.  If you like you could use it to serve up a cuppa with a few biscuits or leave it sitting on an occasional table with a collection of frames like I've got mine.

It was getting late, so the golden glow is from the lamp that had to be switched on.

This is a truer depiction of it.

So the rules of engagement then:

1. Become a follower of First House on the Right up there on the right (if you aren't already).
2. Comment below telling me where you'll put this little lovely if you win it.
3. Mention the giveaway on your blog for an extra entry.  
4. Enter no matter what country you're reading from, I can post to anywhere, it's just the kind of girl I am :)
5. The winner will be selected on Friday morning, 25th March by (it is fair and square over here people).

Good luck!


For whatever reason, and we don't have to delve, once I saw this post from Lauren at Pure Style Home in October last year I have been unable to let it go.  We're talking serious peanut envy people.  The vintage silver-plated nut bowl completely captivated me and no other nut bowl was going to do again.

                                                             Image from here                                                                                                                                   Image from here

A few weeks ago I finally gave in and set about organising to purchase a replica of the original.

  Image from here

Before I sold my soul for the knock-off, I thought to check one last time.  

Just in case.  

Drum roll please... I building the suspense?

I am pleased to announce I am the owner of an original FB Rogers silver plate vintage peanut.  I LOVE you eBay.

My peanut resting proudly.

Oh, and how much did I got it for?  Peanuts really, $28.32 right to my front door :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tatler Cover

If you haven't already heard 'our' Naomi is Tatler's April cover girl. 

 Image from here

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