Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Cha-risma

I've said it before and I'll remind you again, when it comes to Christmas, I am a more is more type of a girl!  Less is more applies only to the weak at this time of year.  SO, you should prepare yourself to be inundated with more and more Christmas cheering and leering on this blog as I become more and more manic in the lead up to December 25.

O Tannenbaum went up in our lounge room last weekend and every night as I bask in her glow I know it wasn't a moment too soon!  Naturally all will be revealed soon but in the meantime I'm compelled to share some new additions since last year.  Compelled.

I brought these back from our 'oliday in New York...

                   ESB construction lunch break                            The Plaza          
                         Rockefeller Center                                      Bloomies

...and our w/end in D.C.

              JFK Center for the Performing Arts                          The Capitol

Then from IKEA on the weekend...

 ($9.99 for a set of 8 here)

...last night's haul from our local Westfield...

A world globe from Big W.  I am not a yuletide snob AND I'm a saver ($3.94)!

...these from DJs

                Felt birdy (bought her in red too    B'bush is not feeling the Xmas spirit                
                         Moon face Santa                      The Night Before Christmas book 

    Royal Albert Teapot and Cup & Saucer  ($14.95 each barGAIN!) 

Sweetest little mini snow dome.

...and these from Tarjay

 25% off at the moment, now is the time peeps!

Oh, and while I was getting carried away putting the new ornaments up and taking pics, I was interrupted by the courier who dropped off this leetle dahlink from Peters of K.

I loike it, I loike it a lot.


Fashion Friday

There's nothing like the Duchess of C wearing a new frock to help you out on Fashion Friday! Last night she and Wills hosted a charity dinner for the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal. Kate wore a silver-grey Grecian style gown (speculated to be Alice Temperley) and I'M SURE those are the same choos we saw her in here.  Yep, it's only a glimpse but I can tell.  I'm gifted like that.

Images from here

Images from here

I think she looks fabu-rous!


Monday, November 7, 2011

House Plans

We're getting ready to undertake some ma-jore house renos next year.  I'm a planner by nature and am loving each and every step.  Right now we're drafting rough sketches, meeting with our builder to confirm that what we want to do is in the realm of possibility for our little place and saving like silly things.  Ever the optimist, I am hoping to break soil in April/May but Mister B, ever the realist, informs me it will more likely be August/September next year :(

Undeterred I am forging on with my self-generated schedule and am working on the kitchen plan.  Am thinking we'll most likely put in a galley kitchen as it's most practical for the new space.  I'd like to put a breakfast nook (does it sound more impressive if I call it a banquette?) at one end of the kitchen under a window too.  Naturally I'm gathering up lots of inspiration to help me on our way.

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here                                                                     Image from here

Image from Home Beautiful

Image from here                                                                      Image from here

Image from here

Am very excited as I do love a project to sink my fangs into and am looking forward to sharing all the gory details with you here.

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