Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ivy & Piper I

You've been living under a rock  if you don't already know about marvelous online/print magazine Ivy & Piper, created by Elizabeth Raptis and Melanie Parker (don't worry, I've only recently crawled out myself).  One of the things I like most about the online version is the provided links that take you straight through to the retailers of featured products.  

For example, among many things I admired in the current issue, was this tea cup and saucer, hovering over the image on page 10 then clicking through takes me straight over to the T2 website where I find I can buy it for $20.

Naturally I then spent some time with T2 (oh the hours we while in the cyber labyrinth) and found this beautiful 4 cup tea pot made by Shuhodo.

Yours for $300 here.  Investment piece, investment piece.

And I thought this glass bistro style teapot was cute too.

$30 here.

Off to make a cuppa then back with more Ivy & Piper, too much fabulousness for one post!


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