Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Friday

When I got my first job and could finally spend my marigolds on whatever I liked, I bought fashion mags like they may not be printed again.  These were the girls on every single cover. They weren't just models, they were supermodels and I was mesmerised.  

Image from here

Five of the originals (Yasmin, Helena, Cindy, Naomi & Eva) are back on the cover of December's Harper's Bazaar UK for a Duran Duran inspired Dolce & Gabbana photo shoot.

Image from here

Images from here

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here

Love seeing them all back together, makes me feel young and frivolous again.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Cutie

When it comes to Christmas trees I’m not the sort of girl who rotates her ornaments and has a different ‘theme’ each year.  No siree!  My theme is CHRISTMAS - all the ornaments, all the time, altogether.  I like it to be brrrrimming.  In fact, I am hoping the tree will one day topple over under the weight of it all (of course I’m hoping that any fragile favourites will fall gently onto a nearby cushion) and I will be forced to invest in an even bigger, more fabulous one.  I have a list of favourite shops whose Christmas ranges I like to check out each year, just in case, they’ve brought out any newbies my tree cannot live without.  One of my must-checks is Mozi and look what I found this year.

 Image from Mozi

A-DOR-ABLE.  I defy anyone to keep picturing their tree without her (and a few of her sisters).  I couldn't.


Absolutely Beautiful Things

This morning when I got the email to say Absolutely Beautiful Things had launched their latest vignette today I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as I clicked over to have a look. Now I really I don’t want to make powerful enemies (but I think I can be assured that neither Anna nor any of her peeps read FHOTR) but is it OK to say I was devastatingly disappointed?  I really look forward to Anna’s seasonal vignettes which showcase her incredibly unique style brilliantly, not to mention what an original concept she has brought to online shopping!

Make up your own mind over here and I'm sure if you've never seen any of her other vignettes you'll think I've lost my mind!  BUT the last two were A-MAR-ZING and for me this one lacked pizazz and polish.  For me.  Just my opinion.


PS  It's not that I didn't like anything, I IMMEDIATELY tried to purchase the vintage pineapple ice bucket but alas it was already sold out.  So there, I'm not a hater.

Images from Absolutely Beautiful Things

Royal Round-Up

You know I never miss an opportunity to bring you another Duchess of C moment so here she is yesterday rocking out in red (L.K. Bennett, boy has she put this label on the map!) with Princess Mary and Princess Frederik in Copenhagen.

I usually think of 'our' Mary and Fred as being quite tall so it's funny to see them cast as 'shorties'.  Useless piece of information - Wills is 6' 3" and Kate is 5' 10".


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 things you didn't need to know

1. Hugh Grant is going to be a daddy.  Not just a sugar one.  32 year old actress Tinglan Hong recently gave birth to their daughter.

2. Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce 72 days after her wedding.  It wasn't for ratings, it wasn't for ratings.

3.The Hasselhoffs have their own reality show.  The world just officially ended.

4. Jessica Simpson finally tweeted her own pregnancy news after it became clear that the eagerly anticipated magazine bidding war for the announcement, was more like a bidding paper-scissors-rock.

5. I just learned that the Rolling Stone's Ronnie Woods is also a rather talented artist.

Who knew?


Find Of The Day

I saw these acid-etched, stainless steel oil lamp shadow projectors in the November issue of Inside/Out.  Are they not adorable.  They are $48 (+ $22 shipping to Oz) from Adam Frank Incorporated.

The little silhouettes are sweet enough as they are but the real treat is when you light them up at night and a huge shadow is projected on the opposite wall.  I bought the pine here as it will add to the Christmas ohm-bee-arnce in our living room.  

Of course now I'm thinking I should have bought half a dozen of them so I could have a plantation of trees on the wall.  Have I mentioned I only do the more is more type of Christmas?  


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister

When I decided to start doing birthday posts over here I didn't stop to think in 2 days time I would have to be writing one for a sister.  Overwhelming.  How do you put in words what a sister means to you?  Please tell, as I really do not know!  Rather than tying myself in impossible knots trying I'll just tell you a few quick things I love about my sister Rachel.


Rach is thoughtful.  Mum says she always has been.  Knowing I'm a bit of a 'fraidy cat when Mr. B is away, Rach texts me before she goes to bed to let me know she's sleeping with her phone by her side in case I need to ring in the middle of the night.

Rach doesn't fuss, she just gets in and does it.  Whether it be house stuff, school stuff, church stuff, family stuff, she doesn't waste time talking about it, she just does it.  This daydream believer should be taking notes.

Rach loves her kids to distraction.  She walks her own race and tries her darnedest not to get caught up in the game.  Like most mums, she is in there striving every day to be the best possible one she can.

Rach lets me be a big sister by sometimes running ideas and concerns for her kids by me (despite me not having any of my own).  She trusts my intelligence and my love for her poppets, knowing I too want the very best for them and I love her for recognising that.

Rach has the same dry sense of humour as I do.  I don't know how many times we've rung each other unable to breathe let alone speak for laughter as we've tried to convey a particularly hilarious incident that we each know the other will get immediately.

Rach is generous.  Very.  With her time, with her money, with her home, with her things. All of it.  She has 3 kids, I have a part-time job yet she'll end up being the one making a cake for me to take to a do because some somehow I have personally misplaced 5hrs in the day.

Mum, Rach & I

As I read back what I've written I'm frustrated that words as always have let me down and I can't truly tell you how I feel but Happy Birthday Rach.  How lucky was I when you came along two and a half years later.  Rhetorical question :)


Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday's Martha Stewart Home Tour

New York is not out of my system and today I'm taken with these two homes.  Firstly a grand 1888 house surrounded by 87 acres on the Hudson River home.  It's owned by Joan Davidson who has restored it and the grounds to their former glory.

Image from here

Don't you love the carefully placed mirrors on the porch (rhetorical question).  What a reflection.  An unfinished portrait of her daughter by Horacio Torres hangs in the entry hall.

Images from here

Love the vertical row of gold framed landscapes by the mantle.

 Images from here

I've always been a fool for twin beds and I really like the shape of the mirror on the matching faux bamboo dresser.

Images from here

The bedroom door nameplate is by the owners daughter-in-law Drew McGhee (good luck googling her to find more of her work, I came up with nada) and the wall mural reflects the view outside the window.

Images from here

The arts and crafts room which Joan fashioned for her grandchildren.  A-mar-zing.  An adjoining playroom includes a little stage for plays - why are there no pictures of this room :(

Image from here

The drive in and the view.  Now that's something I could get used to.

Images from here

Then to the other extreme with a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment in an 1830s row house in the West Village.  I think to appreciate the changes done by Sarah Humphreys and her team, you really have to take a look at the floor plan first to see what they were working with.  307 square feet!

Image from here

A team of home editors helped her set about making the most of every bit of space.  The first thing they did was replace the original overstuffed furniture with sleek sophisticated and tailored pieces.  They lightened up the room with a fresh paint scheme giving the illusion of more space and ahem, the actuality of more style!

Images from here

A piece of wood about a third larger than the mantle was painted the same colour and screwed to the top to allow for more storage and floor to ceiling shelving was installed either side of the fireplace.  Love floor to ceiling storage.  Always.

Images from here

Short of tearing the kitchen out and starting again there was no way to improve it's location in the apartment (then again, where else would it go?).  So they modernised the dated cabinetry by removing the doors, painting the frames white and the back of the cupboards the same blue as the walls.  Leaving the doors off made the kitchen feel more open and the large storage boxes up the top hold platters and holiday decorations.  

Images from here

Along with a more sophisticated entry wall they resolved the shortage of eating surfaces (previously either lap or coffee table) by replacing the cluttered console area with a drop leaf table.  When both leaves are down (as pictured) the table is less than a foot wide.  Oh and there's a wide drawer running through the centre of the table.  These peeps are space savvy!

Images from here

The 9x7 (FEET not metres!) bedroom had no window and the original drab colour scheme did it no favours.  The repaint is a given, the bed was centred in the room with a headboard that was actually fabric hanging from a wooden dowel as there was no room for anything wider.  So clever.

Images from here

Shoes were stored in wooden organisers at the top of the little wardrobe, shoulder hooks installed for jewellery and extra storage for clothes in neat boxes under the bed.

Images from here

Very impressive.  It makes me think about what I can live without and puts me in the mood to declutter, declutter, declutter!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Friend

I read a birthday post on Friday and while I was initially a little taken back by the unashamed praise I was impressed by the frankness and the kind words.  It really resonated with me in that I feel like oftentimes as life keeps us busy we forget to SAY all the warm and fuzzy things we feel about our loved ones.  I hope it's not too macabre a thought but how often do you sit at a funeral and think to yourself, "I wish fill-in-the-sad-blank was here to hear all the beautiful words being said about them".

Neen's random musings have inspired me to follow the advice of her parents' anthropologist friend who believes in "the importance of using significant events like birthdays to tell people how you feel about them".  So as there is no better time than the present let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Nadine (Naids) who turned 31 (still young enough to mention age I say) today and tell you why I'm lucky she moved back into my neighbourhood and we became friends.

 Mr. B and Naids waiting for the water taxi on the Hudson last month.

Naids is calming.  Did I mention I was NOT getting on a flight that took me 13+ hrs over the Pacific Ocean without her being on it too.  Turns out I was a much calmer passenger than I thought I was going to be but I didn't know that from the onset and was so grateful to be embarking on such a long-haul adventure with Naids only seats away. 

Naids is genuinely kind.  She strives for peace.  She really does and I think every group of friends needs someone like this in their midst.  It's grounding and reminds someone like me who can be too opinionated that in many cases peace is better than getting to the core of the agitated nitty gritty.

Naids checks in on how Weight Watchers is going for me.  6 months in and that's no small feat, weight loss has to be one of the most boring side notes to life (unless you're the one struggling with it!) yet she remembers to ask and encourage.

Naids is actively involved in her church.  She's not sitting in a pew going through the motions but is in there with her sleeves rolled up trying to make it a better place for her children to grow up in.  I admire that.

Naids reads my "shitty little blog" (pop over here and read the first comment) which is not steeped in gravitas but it's my little stamp on the world so it's important to me in that way.  

Happy birthday Naids, 31 cements your place in the thirties and I for one think they are so much better than your twenties so three cheers :)

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