Thursday, December 22, 2011

Since Saturday

This weekend we had Mum & Dad's Christmas dinner as it's the year away for those of us that have interstate families-in-law.

On Monday a knock on the door rendered my new summer espadrilles.  I shopped in one of the US sales over at and to quote my friend Tamma, "they were practically free".

I had them shipped by new mail forwarder US to OZ

I also whipped this cake up for Mister B to use up some almost way overripe bananas and didn't let the fact I had no eggs deter me.  I know.  Just call me Martha.

Monday night was my little niece's first ballet performance, they put on Pinocchio.  It was beautiful and the little theatre was filled with teary members of las familias.  The other sisters cried at the matinee performance on Sunday so I knew to come prepared with boot loads of tissues :)  Very proud.

Getting in early.

Then Tuesday it was off to lunch with my lovely friend Ash and her Evan and my three little gatecrashers. Followed by some quick retail therapy and a slight misstep in this afternoon's smooth running that caused me to be roped into my first EVER Santa photo.

Just because the chilens asked.  Supreme sacrifice on my part but haven't yet learned how to say no to them :(

FYI, his holiness should be the only red blob in a Santa pic.

Then quickly, you know I never like to miss a Duchess of C moment and since Saturday there have been two.  First, wearing Alexander McQueen at the Sun's Military Awards and then in chic Ralph Lauren at a homeless shelter today.    Some of you will say she's too thin I'm sure but I for envious one, think she's looking great.  Naturally the press wasted no time drawing the never exhausting comparisons between the evening dress and one Diana wore once.  Naturally no one else ever before has ever worn a black, sweetheart neckline.  It's mind blowing stuff.

Images from here

Well I think that covers it my lovelies.  I certainly plan to come back and wish you all a Merry Christmas before Sunday but just in case I don't, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Hope it's the best one yet!


PS  If you didn't already know the January issue of Vanity Fair is out and I love that this is the cover circulating in December.  So festive.

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