Sunday, August 1, 2010

Occasional Tables I

I can't possibly fit in as many side/occasional tables as I would like into our little house (or into this post so have called it Occasional Tables I as have more to share some other time). Am just a little bit bitter as they may very well be my favourite piece of furniture. I'm not crazy about their older sibling the coffee table but I LOVE them. The tiniest of table can make the biggest of impacts, beautiful and practical. I think you should be able to reach out and set a cup down from every seat in your living room and these little pieces are the perfect way to do it I say. Sadly I am not practicing what I preach as I think our little house will burst at the seams if I try and squeeze one more thing in but may I just say, if I can get my hands on one of these from oomph, I'll be giving it a red hot go!
Be still my beating heart!

Pottery Barn #1

Pottery Barn #2 (my favourite of the three from PB)

Pottery Barn #3, something about the shape of this one I like.

Somewhere for Betty to put her cigarettes while debriefing with her shrink on Mad Men.

A friend recently introduced me to Horchow where you can find this lovely one.

The Illusion Table, John Brauer's interesting take on a well known look.

Another one I am desperate to own and would find space for!

I have managed to squeeze one of these into our house.

While we can only see the top of Charlotte York's tablewe know the legs will be just as beautiful (you will get to know that I'm a little bit obsessed with SATC).

One of the many things I like about this reading corner from Something's Gotta Give is the table.

...and the one on the end of the sofa here.

In fact, is safe to say, I want everything in this last room (OK if I'm being completely honest, maybe not the clock or the painting...or the shell). There you have it.

Images from oomph, pottery barn, maison classique, architectural digest, HBO


So there are two things you should know about me, I love Barack Obama and I love The View. Imagine my ecstasy on finding out that Mr. President was on the show this Friday gone! Barbara came back from her health imposed hiatus, there is no way she was missing this; Joy should be given a job on his PR team, she couldn't gush enough; Whoopi was her usual cool cat self, love Whoopi; Sherri tried her best to ask important questions but couldn't conceal her school girl crush (I don't blame her) and Elisabeth seemed a bit flustered as she tried to tackle him on unemployment. It was great, the guy is unflappable. Naturally the ensuing 'should he or shouldn't he have appeared' controversy is raging on BUT I care not! I loved it. If you didn't catch it, you can watch a couple of highlights here and here.

A good excuse to look at some White House interiors over the years...

JFK Jr. peeks out from under his father's desk in what would become one of the most well known Oval Office images of all time.

President Obama enters The Oval Office on his first full day in office last January.

The president running down the East Colonnade with Bo, the family dog.

Jacqueline Kennedy's Dressing Room.

I love the sofa fabric in the Green Room.

JFK and Jackie in the Blue Room.

Nancy Reagan's study where she refurbished existing White House furniture. Only the gold mirror and the18the century day bed were her additions.

The White House theater, I want one, I want one now.

Michelle Obama with Queen Rania of Jordan in the Yellow Oval Room.

Nancy Reagan in, you guessed it, the Red Room.

My favourite election victory image - the Obamas sharing a "private" moment in a freight elevator at one of the Inaugural Balls.

Images from The Sacramento Bee, The White House Museum, Architectural Digest & Flickr's White House's photostream.
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