Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fashion Friday: Posh & I

OK I am absolutely crazy about this colour combo and would like to thank the fashions gods that our very own CR has brought haute couture to the masses and to show my gratitude I have bought almost everything in their current collection.   Adore it.

Image from Country Road

So if I share some pictures with you of  Posh rocking the orange & navy at FAO Schwartz with her sweet bebe last week, does it give me a brazen excuse to whip my own FAO Schwartz snapshots?  I thought so.

I didn't have quite the entourage on my visit BUT my tin soldier was much cuter.

Posh working one of the lewks from her own collection.

Me working my own navy & orange lewk in Central Park (and yes it still feels a-marzing to type that) last month...

...and in the combo again in DC (along with a whoopie pie and subway fall bandaids accessories).

I know what you're thinking, she & I could be twins :)

Have a great w/end peeps.  I for delighted one have fled the southern rain and are coming to you live from sunny QLD.  Love.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

At Home: Hilary Swank

It's been a few years since Hilary Swank made Academy Award history by becoming the youngest actor to win 2 Oscars.  I really like her, she seems like someone with substance...because I know her so well.  Anyhoo, her home is featured in the December issue of Elle Decor and I was interested to have a look.

There's something about this room I find very peaceful and I heart the greenery.

Image from Elle Decor

The kitchen's a bit too sensibly tidy for me.

Image from Elle Decor

I'm coveting those lamps.  Love.

Image from Elle Decor

A little nook.

Image from Elle Decor

Loving the mirror, photograph and floors.

Image from Elle Decor

What do you think?


Monday, November 21, 2011

All in (2) Day's Work

Sometimes I don't know how the weekend got here and then I'm not sure where it's gone but in this one we managed to re-plant the Beatrice Emily's I very lazily put in back here.  Note to self, a hole in the grass does not a flower bed make.

The Beas are already looking much chirpier.

More importantly we started the makeover of the backyard.  Methinks the plants may as well get a head start on the renovations.  My beauty gift to the planet is this - I will be  covering every urglee inch of our colorbond fence with hedge.  You're welcome.  As of yesterday, the magic has begun as we've started putting in more Murrayas (Orange Jasmine) around the circumference of the yard.  I love their shiny dark green leaves and their scent while flowering (which they do numerous times a year) is quite exotic.  More to the point though, along with our Gardenias and hopefully the baby Beas, they are the ONLY plants we have managed to keep alive in our 6 years in the house.  Green thumbs we are not.

On their way to the backyard.

Of course at this time of year it wouldn't be a weekend without a last minute dash to the shops and naturally as my Christmas motto is let no stone be left unturned in the hunt for new and fabulous ornaments, I didn't.

So much fabulosity.

This morning I spent a pleasant little while adding them to our flailing tannenbaum, there's starting to be some serious weight in there.  Because I'm a sharer I'll tell you where just in case any of them are speaking to you personally:

1. Little gold bear & aqua sequin ball are from Freedom.
2. Clear glass pear is from Country Road.
3. Miniature bells star is from Witchery.
4. The cute little birdhouse & gold butterfly are from Bed Bath N Table (and with the birdhouse coming in at $6.75, I am a saver!).
5. The silver teardrop (that opens),  big-eyed dog, vintage glass scenes and initial ornaments ($3.95, did I mention SAVER) are all from Domayne.

Then it was off to my regular Monday after school date with a quick cuppa before ballet...

...and tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on my new favourite shows.

The day is done.  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend and this week is shaping up OK too :)


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