Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday

This week in fashion:

Kate Winslet took over from Angelina Jolie as the official face of St. John.

Image from here

Image from here

Miranda Kerr met up with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein  in a teeny tiny green mini.  She looks great and will probably get the part!

Image from here

Katie Holmes was sultry on the cover of Spanish Vogue...

Image from here

...while Claudia Schiffer was mysterious for German Vogue.

Image from here

Karl Lagerfeld's unveiled the first pictures of his cut-price collection for Macy's.

Images from here

Gwyneth was unveiled as the new face of Coach.

Image from here

Ivanka Trump brought home little Arabella Rose in a blue maxi dress.  FYI, how cute is the pink detail on Arabella's outfit.

Images from here

We saw pictures of the wedding dress of Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan was unveiled in Vogue. According to Andre Leon Talley it was a handmade duchess satin. silk tulle, Georgette embroidered dress with a tiered train.  It's prob a bit more frou frou than were used to seeing from Ralphie BUT if ever there were a time to be extravagant it has to be when your only daughter gets married!
Image from here

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enzo Mari: La Mela

Along with the stencilled baskets and the I-want-it-checkered table, it was Enzo Mari's La Mela, (the apple in case you haven't already worked it out) print that really stood out in Hank Azaria's playroom the other day. 

Image from AD

I was trying to recall where else I'd seen it when I remembered it was in the Bridgehampton kitchen of SJP as featured in Elle Decor a few years ago.

Image from Elle Decor

It seems she's not the only one who likes the print Enzo created in 1963 for Danese Milano.

 Image from The Boo & The Boy

 Image from An Apple a Day

Image from Kitka Design

Image from here

Image from here

How about you?  What do you think of it? 

If you bought one here, where would you hang it at your place?  


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Torture

I put 600g on this week and I'm pretty bloody frustrated to be honest. It's not gracious at all as you've all been unbelievably supportive but I feel too flat to go into the why why why and the sight of that damn graph will send me over the edge I'm sure.  

What you should know is that I haven't given up and I am going to try harder this week but I have certainly given up talking about it for today.


Monday, July 18, 2011

At Home: Hank Azaria

The August issue of AD takes us inside the home of Hank Azaria and a big thank you to the ladies over at Casa Trez Chic for alerting me to the feature.  The Monteroy Colonial style home was built in 1932.

I love the custom made monster couches (how long are they!)  from Zimmer + Rohde in the living room.  

This is the room that sucked me in to the article, in particular, the chair.  I want it.

The carrara marble bench top on the island is probably my favourite feature in the kitchen.  I don't know if the rest if really works for me.

Hank's home office where he keeps his Emmys (do you spy them off in the background there?) Must confess though, I'm not crazy about plaid.

The checkered pattern on the Danish farm table in the play room is fabelagtig and I am sure I have seen that Enzo Mari apple print in other homes of the rich and famous (you know I'll be off on a hunt now don't you).

The master bedroom.

The master bathroom with Carolina Irving wallpaper.

An outdoor living room, so lovely.

The barn... also displays celluloids featuring the characters Hank does the voices for in The Simpsons.  

All images from AD

Hank outside the front of his Bel Air home in California.

Image from AD

There's quite a few more photos and of course the full article over here if you want to see and read more.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Reading Group

The other night I finished reading The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, which is the July read for my book club.  Yes, I am one of those nerds.  I'd been searching for a reading group to join (my local library told me there was a waiting list of 10+ people for theirs.  Mercy, what are they reading in there?) when a friend started one up right under my nose :)

So, my reading group aspirations are simple:  I'm not expecting to like all the selections, it's not the point - I want to be exposed to books and authors that aren't on my radar and to be challenged by ideas and issues I don't normally think about.  Oh, and a great cup of coffee (vino anyone?) when we meet to discuss the book.

Now, there are 18 members in our group and with our licorice-all-sorts personalities I can't help but wonder if something like this could happen one day?

Cartoon by Gary Howland for the New York Times


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