Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Two days ago I was struck at how lovely this picture was (cannot for the life of me remember which blog posted the image so please yell out if it was yours as would love to link back) and thought, aside the from the obvious Jackie Kennedy style and sophistication, the colour combination was really rather pretty.

Of course it sent me on a whirl looking for images in similar hues.

Image from Decor Pad

Sarah Richardson nursery from here.

 Image from Decor Pad

 Image from Decor Pad

Candelabra from Urban Outfitters found via here.

Image from Under a Paper Moon.

So then this afternoon when I sat down to catch up on the last 24hrs of Bloggington I was delighted to find that one of my favourite bloggers (Louise from Table Tonic) had written about a similar combination she is trying out in her daughter's room.

Louise's "vibe tray" of inspiration (fantastic idea!) pop over here to read more about it.

Pink + orange + yellow = pirangellow, pronounced pee-ranj-el-o, pirangellow.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Oscar Nominees Lunch

I'm an award season fool and as the mother of all awards, reverent pause, the Oscars, is only weeks away, it's getting very hard to contain my excitement.  So allow me, a few pictures from the nominees luncheon today.

Best Actress Nominees, Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, 
Nicole Kidman and Annette Bening

Best Supporting Actress Nominees Helena Bonham Carter, Melissa Leo, 
Jacki Weaver, Hailee Steinfeld and Amy Adams

Geoffrey Rush & Colin Firth, both nominated for The King's Speech

My favourite image from the gathering...

...the tall and short of it.  I love how delighted Jacki Weaver looks.

Images from ABC News, Herald Sun and Daily Mail.

Ahoy me hearties

My google doodle (that really is what they're called, if you don't believe me check here) this morning tells me today is French author Jules Verne's birthday, well at least it would have been if he were still alive, he may well be twenty thousand leagues under the sea by now hehehe.  Always one for a tie in I thought why not look at some nautically themed spaces this morning.

Bringing the sea and sand into the bathroom.

Image from Coastal Living

Handy outdoor shower.

Image from Coastal Living

Art consultant, Barbara Guggenheim's lighthouse collection, some of which she found on eBay.

Image from Architectural Digest

Which leads me to this...

...antique art print (1905) from Norway currently listed on eBay.

A sophisticated way to do nautical, I like it.

Image from Coastal Living

Not being much of beach chick myself, one of the nautical features that most appeals to me is the porthole window.

Image from Decor Pad

Image from Birch and Bird

I love everything about this little nook except for the striped stool, feel like it's too much.

Image from Elle Decor

A classic bedroom for boys.

Image from Decor Pad

I love how subtle the theme is in this room by Kerry Joyce.

Image from Decor Pad

If you're putting together a nautically themed bedroom or luckier still an entire beach or boat house, I think Tim Clarke has the best design tip: don't overuse beach decor.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Table Tonic Giveaway

I really shouldn't tell you because it will decrease my chances of winning (and as I am the queen of lists and notebooks I really think it should be me) BUT because I'm a sharer and carer, pop over to Table Tonic for a great Cristana Re giveaway from Louise.

Ivy & Piper II

One of the other things I enjoyed was the interview with interior designer Diane Bergeron.  So many beautiful rooms featured.  The only pitfall?  I've now added another 'must-have' to an ever growing list of things I cannot possibly do without.

I must have a Madeline Weinrib steel brook cotton rug.  I don't have anywhere to put it but I must have it.

You can see it under the dining room table in the Ivy & Piper cover shot in my previous post.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ivy & Piper I

You've been living under a rock  if you don't already know about marvelous online/print magazine Ivy & Piper, created by Elizabeth Raptis and Melanie Parker (don't worry, I've only recently crawled out myself).  One of the things I like most about the online version is the provided links that take you straight through to the retailers of featured products.  

For example, among many things I admired in the current issue, was this tea cup and saucer, hovering over the image on page 10 then clicking through takes me straight over to the T2 website where I find I can buy it for $20.

Naturally I then spent some time with T2 (oh the hours we while in the cyber labyrinth) and found this beautiful 4 cup tea pot made by Shuhodo.

Yours for $300 here.  Investment piece, investment piece.

And I thought this glass bistro style teapot was cute too.

$30 here.

Off to make a cuppa then back with more Ivy & Piper, too much fabulousness for one post!

Flutter By

Elle Decor tells me that one of the trends to come out of the International Gift Fair in NY this week, is butterflies (as well as beetles and ladybirds for that matter).  I've never been crazy about the butterfly motif, there's something so obvious about their beauty that doesn't appeal to me (did I mention that my blog is only my opinion!).  Let me see if I can't find a few images to persuade me otherwise.

A bold statement.

Image from decor pad.

At first glance I thought maybe I could do them like this but on further reflection I realise it's actually the frames I love.

Maybe in a lamp base like this one...

In a ottoman-come-coffee table perhaps...

Image from decor pad.

Is a garden seat too much?  


You can get this one for from Amazon in red or blue for $130.

I think the closest I will come to embracing this trend will be with something like an oven mitt from here.  

It's quirky, I like it.
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