Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Christie's in Bloom

My friend Lindsay moved to London town at the beginning of last year and promptly landed herself a job working at Christie's in Mayfair (fancy right?).  Yesterday morning she snapped these pics of the front entrance looking a bit more swanky than usual.  They are celebrating a three day long Masterpieces exhibition which includes paintings by Michelangelo, Goya, Monet, Picasso and Renoir.  Imagine being surrounded by this stature of art, I'm so envious I may have actually turned to jade.

Not only does it look bee-yoot-ee-fool but apparently it smells rather lovely when you walk in too.  Lindsay writes about her adventures in London town here but doesn't post nearly often enough!  Hint, hint Linz!  


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Well I lost 1.4kg this week and frankly I am rather relieved.  I wasn't expecting such a good result as I didn't cope very well with the long periods indoors over the weekend (our weather has been horrendous!) and passed the time by what else, eating.  BUT clearly I must have made enough of an effort in the 5 days before that so I'm still gratefully on track and it's 7.5kg in total that I've lost. 

Just when you thought these updates couldn't get anymore self-indulgent,  
I've worked out how to drop my WW weight graph into this post.


At Home: Courteney Cox

It's clearly a day for magazines because the July issue of Elle Decor is also out and it's featuring the Malibu home of actress Courteney Cox.  A two acre estate high above the Pacific, that includes guest cottages, tennis house & court, screening room and swimming pool.  Not too shabby.  After selling her John Lautner designed residence a few years ago she embarked on a completely different look and describes the vision for this home as "modern barn".  Helping her create it, was architect Michael Kovac and designer Trip Haenisch

I've started with my favourite picture from the house and one that sent me on a wild goose
chase for more Harland Miller paintings (found some here).  I just love this particular
one, which speaks VOLUMES (pardon the pun) as I am usually no fan of purple.

You can see it again here on the left of the photo (actually the other painting is also a
Harland Miller).  This is actually the entry of Courteney's home so a 
good place to start a house tour don't you think.

The sitting area off the kitchen.

The sitting area of the master bedroom is simple and tied effortlessly
together by the Matt Palmer painting hanging over the daybed.

Kent Williams painting hangs in the living room.

The master bathroom with chair and ottoman upholstered in velvet
from Rose Tarlow Melrose House and a sketch done by 
Courteney's father while he was in high school.

The white oak powder room has a granite counter-top and zinc sink basin.  A photograph
taken by her Cougar Town co-star Christa Miller (Ali) rests against the wall.

The kitchen in the screening house.

The bar outside that kitchen.

Beautiful flagstone flooring in the poolroom, custom-made pool table and painting by Arsen Roje.


...and after.

A concrete table designed by John Lautner has been saved from Courteney's previous home and
they've been paired with stools from Lebanon in this wonderful outdoor relaxing area.

Outdoor dining under French pendant lights.

One word, VIEW.  Another word, MAGICAL.  More words, the fire pit (wasn't I just loving
fire pits yesterday) is surrounded by a custom-made banquette.  Courteney
says she has a coffee out here everyday.  And why wouldn't you?!

More outdoor space for relaxing, this one includes a sofa and 
cocktail table (both from Sutherland).

Saltwater pool in the flagstone patio.

What strikes me the most about her home is not just the breath-stopping views but the amazing art.  From the huge oils by Harland Miller to the sketch done by her father in school to the photograph from Christa Miller, each seems to fit the room perfectly and add something that no other piece of furniture or accessory could bring to it.  Personal and real.  I love it.  


Vogue Cover: July

Well the latest issue of US Vogue is out and Emma Watson is staring out from its cover.

To be honest, it's going to be a long time before she's more than little Hermione Granger to me and as such this issue is just as disappointing as when Justin Bieber was on the cover of Vanity Fair.  I don't think I'm becoming ageist but it's Vogue, people, VOGUE!


New Face of LV

Well the rumours were true, Angelina Jolie is the new face of Louis Vuitton.  Her first ad for their Core Values campaign was released today.

Image from here

The photo, taken by Annie Leibovitz in Cambodia's Siem Reap province, shows Angelina off in all her raw glory - she's in her own clothes, wearing no makeup (so they claim, but those eyes look a little made-up to me)  and toting her years old Aldo LV bag, which incidentally, is no longer available and hasn't been for years.  My guess is they'll have to crank up the production line again as am sure Ms Jolie is going to make it v popular.

Some other famous faces who have fronted the Core Values campaign for LV in the past.

    Francis Ford Coppola and daughter Sophie       Catherine Deneuve

                                                                   Image from here                                                                                                                      Image from here

    Sean Connery

Image from here

                                Bono and wife Ali Hewson
Image from here

Image from here

                                Mikhail Gorbachev 
Image from here
    Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi

Image from here

Well between the actors, the former president, the writers, the rock stars and the world champion tennis players, she's in rather glamorous company don't you think?


Monday, June 13, 2011

House & Garden: July Issue

It's been out for a little bit now but the horrible wet weather this weekend gave me a chance to finally sit down and luxuriate in the pages of July's House & Garden.

Let me tell you what I am loving then...

...this cute white bowl, I'd use it at Easter time and fill it to the brim with chocolate and eggs.  They are from Villa Mondo and come in all shapes and sizes.


I love fire pits.  Not necessarily this exact style but the atmosphere they create.


Adore these floors.  Probably too glossy to be practical for our household but LOVE how dark they are.


 I can never go past a black frame picture wall.  Ever. 


I'm pointing out these children's rooms in the same house because...

                                            p122                                                                    p122

...I noticed a couple of little goodies that can be found in my very own P&P.

                        The Princess & The Pea Doll here        Stacking Apple Baskets here

I'm a fool for Union Jack cushions and this one from Laura Ashley is perfect.  Loved the colour combo so much I may or may not have been able to refrain.  It may or may not be on its way to me as we speak :)


If you're lucky enough to be living in the UK (or Austria, Germany, Switzerland or Italy for that matter - LA will ship to you there), you have the option of buying it here in cerise, which I think would be lovely for a girl's room.

Finally, I'm interested to visit an open garden in Gordon next month.  Am enjoying planning out some new garden beds so eager to have a look at some established ones and take away any pointers I can.


Not a bad issue I thought.

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