Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Card Crisis

Every year I enthusiastically purchase my Christmas cards for the season, take out my carefully compiled list of loved ones and settle in to convey my Yuletide love to them.  And each year I'm burnt out by card #15 (on a good year, sometimes I don't even make 10) and I am left deflated and ruing that I ever started in the first place.

BUT I cannot be taught old tricks and this year I will once again attempt to get them all done and in the post before I lay me down to sleep on Christmas Eve (yes that is the actual cut off date I give myself so really no excuse to never have get through my list!).  So I plan to get started tonight and to get myself in the mood I've found these old cards to inspire (or not).

From the timeless elegance of Jackie...

Image from here

...to the so-right-now absurdity of Mariah.

Image from here

From those klassy Kardashians,

 Image from here
year after year...

Image from here

...to some actual class with the Windsors in 1987.

Image from here

Joan Collins...

 Image from here

...and the other big O with his family.

  Image from here

And finally, my pile o'blanks, waiting to be filled with words of warmth and wonder.  

Wish. Me. Luck.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

This weekend we went down to Melbourne for a quick 24hrs (almost literally, our parking docket at the airport went from 13:53 on Dec 3 to 13:56 on Dec 4) where Mister B's cousin was hosting his annual Christmas Party.  

First stop was for some sweetness and warmth on Little Collins  (Melbourne weather was typically unpredictable and straight after a cuppa we went shopping for a coat)  Dropping in at the Laurent has become somewhat of a tradition for us now, remember when we visited back here last year?

So much fabulosity!

The party itself was loads of fun, and the apartment was perfect.  Mind you, I could only enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony in brave bursts as the wind out there was freezink!  It's December people.

Ahem, we may have been a few hours in when this photo was taken :)

Isn't dessert ALWAYS the best part of the night!


Walking down Little Collins...

...where we found time for one more stop at our favourite patisserie before flying back.

Naturally I found a few moments to grab another ornament for the tree...

...let no bough go unburdened is the new expression I have coined for my addiction.

So our first Christmas party for the year and the season is off to a flying start.  The pun is shameless.  I know.  Hope you've all had a good weekend, now am off to have dinner and settle in with the three new mags I bought today.  

I shall report back with any need-to -knows!

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