Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Affordable Art

Thanks to Apartment Therapy's post today on affordable art, I am now the proud owner of this little 5.5" x 6.5" original beauty. Straight from Chicago to my front door for $25 USD which = $25.88 AUD. I love my painting and I love the Aussie dollar!

Grey Velvet

Elle Decor tells me velvet is making a comeback, some of my friends would say it never left the building. I have to admit I'm a bit of a Johnny-come-lately to the fabric (always conjured up images of boudoirs and bordellos, not that there's anything wrong with that thanks Jerry Seinfeld) but there are specific expressions of it that I really, really love.

There are a few things I regret doing to our house when we made it over but the beautiful French grey velvet romans in our bedroom are not one of them. Every morning when I put them up and every evening when I let them down, I love them as much as they day they were installed.

A hurried picture this morning to show you them (note strategically cropped photo to hide unmade bed, ho hum).

A close up of the fabric.

Some other velvet looks I like.

This studio sofa from Nate Berkus, and may I just say it is only $499.90, no fair, no fair!

I love this chair featured on Decor Pad.

This blue couch from here looks so comfortable.

These fabulous Union Jack cushions from Jane Hornsby

Love this shade of velvet (as you can see am very partial to the pewters and greys).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Think Pink

On Monday the 25th October take a few minutes to think pink...

like Valentino,

like Lyssie,

like the Laurel Hedge.

You can give here if you like.

iPhone Phun

A few days ago I was very excited to find my blog had a new follower (that makes 10 people) and popped over to have a peek at her blog, Objects of Whimsy. Delighted to find she too had decided to Mad Men herself over and continued reading through more of her posts. Of course when I came to this one on iPhone photography I wasted no time downloading the app myself :) Naturally that sent me on a trail of iPhone camera apps and have consequently come across a must-have, CameraBag from Nevercenter Ltd. Take a photo through it or import one from your camera roll and apply a number of fabulous filters.

Let me show you...

The original photo.











You can change a photo more than once too by applying another (or the same) filter to the changed photo. I applied the 1974 filter to this image twice, I love it because it reminds me of every single photo in our albums growing up.

It's safe to say I'm hooked.
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