Monday, February 14, 2011

To know me is to love me

Our usual val's day tradition is a bottle o' vino and an old movie.  This year I'm clearly gunning for wife of the year as I'm making Chicken Maryland for dinner and one of Mr. B's favourites - Vanilla Slice for afternoon tea, neither of which I have ever made before.  Very me.  Wish me luck, hopefully I'll be greeting him at the door with a beaming smile, welcoming him in to the wafting smell of vanilla cooling and not elbow deep in frantic disaster after he lets himself in to the sound of pots crashing and wifey cussing.

Image from here

Happy Valentine's Day...


  1. haha! Goodluck! Our tradition is to stay in and watch an old classic movie too. They really got the romance thing spot on back then

  2. Hope all went according to plan! And you wowed him with the romance of it all!! What did you watch?

    Hope you had a lovely day :) xx


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