Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful Boathouses

These boathouses from Canadian House & Home are too lovely not to share. Though, I think boathouse may be somewhat of an understatement.


All images from Canadian House & Home here

More like boatmansion if you ask me!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Architectural Digest: July Issue

The latest issue of AD is out and it's a bit of a treat for Elizabeth Taylor fans (it was only a matter of time) as they feature her Bel Air estate in California.

A sitting room with bronze horses sculptured by her daughter and Andy Warhol Liz silkscreen.

The Trophy Room.  That cabinet is chockers I might add.  I can see at least two academy awards.

The climbing rose trained over the arbour is so beautiful.

Her dressing table.


The matching wall covering is embroidered silk.  The sketches are costume designs from one of her films.

All images from AD

See and read more here as wells as an interesting slide show featuring the most stylish interiors of some of her movies here.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Little Giveaway

Speaking of Nat at Dear Little House, until the 3rd of June she has a rather special giveaway (to celebrate her 100th post) - this original signed photograph.  Pop yourself into the running by heading over here.

Image from Dear Little House

I just love it!  So perhaps don't go over and enter the giveaway as you'll reduce my odds of winning ;)


Stylish Blogger Award

For some reason quite a few bloggers don't do awards.  I am not one of those bloggers.  I love awards and am only too delighted to be a recipient.  Other than the lovely compliment, the thing I love most about them is reading the accompanying "getting-to-know-you-getting-to-know-all-about-you" (think Deborah Kerr in The King & I) part of the award.  Blogginton is all about staying connected and I am very chuffed to have received a Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Nat over at Dear Little House.

In receiving this then, I first need to tell you seven things about myself:

1. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, and loved every minute of my childhood there :)
2. I love reading, any shape or form.
3. My husband and I watch Love Actually every Christmas Eve.
4. I can play the piano.
5. I am a fabulous auntie - I may even be the best one I know (but clearly not a modest one).
6. My favourite colour is blue.
7. I inherited a love for Nana Mouskouri from my Dad.

...and then pass the award on to 5 more bloggers.  My selection:

Porchlight Interiors
Flourish, Design & Style
Ada & Darcy
Habitually Chic
The Huntress Lives

Thanks again Nat!  You made my day :)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Sadly it's neither good or bad news which really means bad news in the weight loss battle, doesn't it.  I didn't lose and I didn't put on.  My total weight lost remains at 4.5kg.

While part of me is relieved (I wasn't very good with my food in the second half of the week), it's always disappointing not to lose any!  My next goal of 85kg (and a fab new Oroton bag) seems further than ever :(

So as a woman who needs a plan, what to do about this?  My thoughts:

1. I'll track what I eat more faithfully.  I did this during the first few weeks of the WW program and it did make a difference as my food choices were conscious ones.

2. Regrettably, I do believe it may be time to start moving.  At least a little.  So my goal for this week is to go for a walk three times before next Tuesday.

Down but not quite out,

Vanity Fair: July Issue

The July issue has been unveiled and it promises not to disappoint.  Unless of course you've already overloaded on Wills & Kate.

Fortunately, I haven't.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Kennedy Compound

Here in the land of Oz we are two weeks in to the somewhat controversial eight part mini-series The Kennedys.  So far, a great deal of the action has taken place on their six acre estate in Hyannis, Massachusetts, (most commonly referred to as The Kennedy Compound) where JFK's election campaign for president was run.  I thought it was a good excuse to take a look at the homes of the beautiful compound overlooking Nantucket Sound

Where it all began, Ambassador Joseph Kennedy's house (or the main house), probably the most photographed and easily recognisable home of the compound.

Image from here

A family portrait inside.

Image from here

All grown up now.

Image from here

Edward Kennedy with his parents, Rose and an ailing Joseph.

Image from here

During Jack's campaign.

Image from here

Later on, Eunice, Jackie, Kara (Ted's daughter), Ted & Ethel on the lawn of the main house.

Image from here

Ted and his second wife Vicki are the last of the Kennedy family to live in the main house.

Image from here

A postcard with photos of the homes on the compound.

Image from here

John and Jackie soak up the sun at Ted's original house in 1963.

Image from here

Robert Kennedy's home on a postcard...

...and here.

Image from here

Jack walks with his children in front of Bobby's house in 1963.

Image from here

The outside of John and Jackie's house as photographed for another postcard..

Image from here

...and the interior.

 Image from here

  Image from here

  Images from here

  Images from here

Jackie reads to Caroline in her bedroom...

Image from here

...and for a photo op on the lawn.

Image from here

President Kennedy drives some of the younger generation around the compound in September, 1962.

Image from here

The Kennedys screens here on Sunday nights at 8:30 on ABC1.

Preview here:

I'm a bit of a Kennedy nut so am really enjoying it.


Tomorrow morning I will be trundling off at an ungodly hour to be there when our local CR opens shop at 8am.  A one day SALE with up to 50% off selected styles and a further 25% off if you're a cardholder.  I don't like to spell it out BUT 50 + 25 = 75!  75% OFF lovelies!  So no better time to buy, ESPECIALLY if you're like me and moving down through the sizes (however slowly!) and don't want to spend pots and pots on a new wardrobe in each new size!  

I am ready to claw my way to the front of the mob.  Really.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Do you ever really impress yourself with a picture taken on your phone?  I did :)

Just love this one I took yesterday of my sweet little niece enjoying autumn.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend,
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