Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Friday Plus

My ode to fashion this Friday is short & sweet.  Or perhaps I should say long & green.

Image from here

I am a fool for green and Zoe Saldana certainly rocked this frock at the Latin Grammy Awards on Sunday.  I hadore it!  It's from the Elie Saab 2012 Spring Collection and I want one. And somewhere glam to where it.  And a body to fit it.  That's all.

In other news...

...Tuesday was cardholders cheese & champs night at one of our not-as-local DJs store so I took the opportunity for a trip and a toast and set off to find me some more Tannenbaum boot-ay.

It's a bit Burberryesque and I love the colour.

                          The brass is covered                 I'm nothing if not a proud Ostrayen

I like to put bon bons in the tree too.

The little peeps came with and were excited to see a cut-out of the Statue of L.  They have a slight ob-sess-ion with NY post their favourite aunty's (self-bestowed title) recent trip and the fact that lady liberty herself was brandishing Kieh'ls a-marzing moisturiser instead of a torch did not dull their enthusiasm.  Though it was mentioned.

Then today in the post, these sweet things from Robert Gordon arrived.  Love.

Too much, is never enough.


PS Is it OK to say I feel sad for Demi Moore when we're not on a first name basis?  Because I do.

Image from here

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Sexiest Man is Alive

Phew.  In breaking news, Bradley Cooper has just been named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive.

 Image from here

Image from here

As you were.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lonny Love

I had a chance to sit down with the latest issue of Lonny Magazine over the weekend and while there is always the obligatory shopping lust list, I was most drawn to the home of Robert & Michael Leleaux . It's not grand on any scale, in fact it's a tiny Upper West Side apartment but it's everything that I admire most in a home.  It's so personal and interesting and heterogeneous and lived in and sophisticated and a bit quirky.  I wanted to park myself on every chair in every corner and ask the two of them questions.  About everything.

I love the mirror, the scattered art in different sized frames, the dresser, the arrangement on the dresser.

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

I am a fool for gallery walls.  Always.

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

Almost instantly I felt the overwhelming need for a gaping mouth match holder.  There can't be any other way to store matches (though I ignorantly need to know where you strike them before I invest).

Images from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

Everything feels so collected and non-matchy matchy (mein gott there has to be a better way of saying that!).  I want to go to there.  

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

Spiral staircase...

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

...leading up to the bedroom.  The vintage movie poster is fantastic.

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

Sadly the black rotary phone by my bed no longer works but I love it and refuse to move it from the night stand.  I live in hope that someone somewhere someday will be able to get it working again.

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

If you haven't yet had a chance to peruse this issue, waste NOT A MOMENT.  

Image from Lonny Nov/Dec 2011

AND don't be tempted to just soak in the pictures, read Robert's article as well, so enjoyable.  


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