Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Wishes

Have a fab weekend everyone!

Before & After

Because I love a good Cinderella story I thought I'd end the week with some inspiring before & after images from Architectural Digest.

Interior designer Monica Gibson makes an old Charleston bank over into a lofty home.

Now that is a bedroom I could be very happy in, read about the transformation and see more images here.

Arthur S. Pier and Sandra Nunnerley transform a Park Avenue apartment (how tragic could a 'before' on Park Avenue be?!)

So obviously I want that view but I'd also really like that little table in the corner! More pics of this one here.

Sandra Nunnerley at work again, this time to "unify a hodgepodge of styles", as quoted by AD, in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Lots more of this amazing make-over here.

Charles Allem updates an Art Deco inspired penthouse in New York.

More pictures of his work here.

...and on that note, am off to makeover myself for the last working day of the week. Woot woot!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trinny & Susannah

Because we waited for sooooooooo long (Susannah pointed out to Trinny that she was wearing 2 different shoes when they arrived from the hotel - she hadn't noticed because of her poofy dress - and they had to wait for a matching one to be sent over from the hotel before they could come out!) I literally had a chance to write this post as it happened...

We've only been standing here for less than 20 minutes and I'm already over it, I would never have the fortitude to line up 24hrs before a concert goes on sale. Of course being in my winter woolies while it's close to boiling point in this crowd isn't helping but what's a girl to wear if she can't fit into any of her old summer wardrobe! Pick me out of the crowd Trinny, pick me out of the crowd Susannah, I need saving!

People are jostling behind me but I'm steadfast, I cannot be budged from my position front and centre (props to T for getting their 15min before me and staking our claim!). Trying desperately to make eye contact with the man with the seating power, Scott, "Throw us a bone, Scott", we're die-hards, we watch the marathons on a slow Saturday.

The music has stopped and the lights have gone on, could it be? No, of course not, it's a dainty Mel Symons here to warm up the crowd. Great dress, great shoes, great job at keeping the mob from turning on each other but a wee bit too skinny, if you ask me (which of course you didn't and maybe I'm just jaded because I can't fit into a size 4).

They are nowhere in sight, grrr, T has been swooshed off to a fab seat in the second row and I am left elbow to head with a 10 year old who has squirmed her way to the front of the pack. I guess we won't be exchanging any "remember the episode where..." anecdotes as we wait.

Somewhere around 3:00 (after being told they would be here at 2:00) Trinny & Susannah arrived and all of a sudden the sweaty mosh pit is worth it again. The ladies were their usual fab selves and worked their well known magic on eleven different women. People were transformed, mostly for the better - I would just like to know when are leggings cut of just above the knee ever a good idea, let alone if you are carrying a bit of extra weight? There were lots of tears and cheers from supportive families and of course we roared enthusiastically for the lady who's support person was her boyfriend's mate. Noice.

The shoes that held up the show.

Loads of fun.

PS When their Australian show airs next year, keep an eye out for the grey and denim blob at the end of the runway, yours truly. Even the threat of being seen on national television could not pry me away from my prime viewing position!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Melons or Eggs?

Off to see (or should I say catch a glimpse of) Trinny & Susannah who are stopping by our Westfield today.

Image via Daily Mail.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dream House I

Inspired by Annie over at A View On Design whose blog features numerous fabulous homes, I thought I might post a weekly dream house for myself to drool over. Without further ado, this week if money were no object I would buy 8 Wunda Road in Mosman, NSW...

All images via

If you are in the game and not just dreaming (lucky bastard), you can read through the complete listing here.

Do You See What I See?

What window has the best vista in your house? Take a breath and check out the view from Ralph and Ricky Lauren's bathroom window in their Manhattan apartment.

Image via Elle Decor.

Now while the bathroom in all it's minimalist glory is not my style, I would "moider" to look out on this!
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