Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Think Not

AD is calling this spread Understated Beauty. I mean I get it, as major interiors go, it's very subtle and I LOVE all the rooms. But if you still happen to be living in your very first, cozy but small 3 bedroom, brick veneer home, than understated this is not.

When I first glanced at this picture, I thought it what a spacious lounge room, wait, that's a bedroom. Amaarzing.

The only thing I'd change here are the back covers on the chairs.

Love that while the lamps are matching the tables are not.

I want to go to there.

Read more about Alexa Hampton's spec home (I know, read it and weep people, this is what spec home can mean in the US) makeover here.

Images from Architectural Digest

Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Review: Morning Glory

I've got three movies to tell you about since we last chatted celluloid so I'll try and make this swift - Harrison Ford's acerbic Mike Pomeroy was a little predictable, I like him better as Han Solo or Jack Ryan. Diane Keaton was her splendid self but she's not why you'll go and see the movie. Rachel McAdams is. She's marvelous. Completely believable as the hardworking, desperate for a break Becky Fuller.

My favourite moment in the film is when after an initially overwhelmed start to her first staff meeting as the new producer at Daybreak, Becky deftly responds to each insular query from her underlings in less than 20 seconds and rounds up her riposte with the firing of Daybreaks disreputable host. Enter the need for Mike Pomeroy.

Like in all good romantic comedies there is always there is a minor character that adds comic asides to the story. Morning Glory is no different. Matt Malloy as hapless weatherman Ernie Appleby is a scene stealer. Absolutely hilarious at times.

However, the most important thing on your mind when you leave Morning Glory will be, where can I get the dress Rachel McAdams is wearing in the final scene of the movie? It is so so lovely and showed off perfectly as she sprints in heels from one part of the city to another. Sad news though, unless you are the costume designer no amount of trawling through forums and photos will provide an answer and I consider myself to be quite a good googler. There's half an hour of my life I'll never get back.

I give this a solid 3.5 out of 5. Definitely above average but before the heavyweights that Harrison and Diane are, I expected at least a 4.

Images from moviepostershop.com and the New York Post

5 things you didn't need to know

And because I'm nothing if not frivolous, a quick celebrity/entertainment update in order of what directly impacts me personally ;)

1. Posh is preggers. I hope she has a girl.

2. I can't wait for Oprah, Behind the Scenes to come to Oz.

3. Kate Middleton will make her way to the Abbey by car not horse drawn carriage. It's riveting stuff.

4. A few months ago I thought I should cancel my Vanity Fair subscription when it turned up with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. This month when it arrived with Justin Bieber staring blankly out at me, I did. Come on Graydon, it's Vanity Fair.

5. Princess Mary has had her twins, a la natural, one of each. Of course she has. What I meant to say was, congrats.

I dare you to take in these seven fabulous images of their shoot with German Vogue and not turn a delicate shade of green. Physical challenge.

I'm positively reptilian.

Splash Me

Was just over looking at some of Rachel Halverson's work and had to share these beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, tiles from Walker Zanger.

Guest Rooms

After a long break I'm back so a simple one to start with...

As I begin the new year by clearing away Christmas and doing things like tidying up the spare 'oom after all our fun holiday visitors, I'm reminded of these lovely guest rooms:

Very peaceful. I do love plates hanging on the wall.

Not necessarily my hue, but can certainly appreciate the statement.

The writing nook is delightful, and while I love these neutrals it does feel like the
room could do with a little pop of colour somewhere.

Very grand, looks more like a room in an art deco boutique hotel.

I may be getting in touch with my inner coral, but I just love this room. The unpolished boards, the lights, the nets, the beds, the white bedding with coloured pillows. I even like the position of the beds in the room. Very casual but still smart (smart casual, I like it), breezy and relaxing.

Twin guest room Nirvana.

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