Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Leave Me This Way

Last week the Borders mother ship crashed and I am left fretting that my local store will be a casualty.  All sorts of reasons have been floated as to why one third of the stores are closing in NZ and OZ.  I know we're not meant to like the big chain stores, they put the little independents out of business, but I can't help it, I love Borders!   Peter Craven from the SMH articulates perfectly here.

Whenever I step through its wide, welcoming doors I always take a moment to breathe in the atmosphere - two of my favourite smells - new books and coffee.  If you've forgotten, there's a resident Gloria Jeans (another great chain store), the combo is unbeatable.

Apart from the unbelievable range of books,  for me Borders means catch-ups with girlfriends, Sunday afternoons with hubby reading magazines; trips with dad to find a Penguin paperback we want to read; babyccinos with my niece; meeting up with mum for a cuppa after an arduous grocery shop; or just curling up on one of their lounge chairs flicking through the big coffee table books I'd love to have the space for at home.

For me it's not a past-time, it's religion.  I think it was Nora Ephron who said we all need a place away from work and home that we feel comfortable in, that is peaceful and rejuvinating.  For some it is Bali.  For me it is Borders.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion 2011

A group of my favourite gal pals gathered this morning for drinks, nibblies and more importantly, fashion.  The Oscar red carpet did not disappoint and we had lots of fun adoring and abhorring the dresses.  

Our very own best dressed...

Love it girls.

Without further ado and in no particular order, here we go...

I do love silver  and in my opinion Gwyneth rocked this frock.  She's skinnier than anyone need ever be but she looks fabulous.  Loved the fabric, loved the belt, loved her hair, loved it all.
                              Image from here                                                                                                                                      and here

Sandra B looked elegant in red but up close her face was a little washed out.  Lucky I'm perfect.
                                           Image from here                                                                                        and here

Hard to go wrong when you're Halle Berry.  The woman is not of this earth.  Actually loved this dress more before the cameras panned down to the hemline, it's a bit random if you ask me but still a fabulous frock.
Image from here

I'm assuming they were going for ethereal lavender or something like that and while Mila does look pretty the diaphanous purple lace around the neckline looks like her Victoria's Secret is now not quite so secret.
Image from here

The E hosts were raving about this dress and frankly I don't see it.  Another day, another occasion, maybe but it's the OSCARS people.  I don't know how else to put it, wait yes I do, Baywatch.

                                                                 Image from here                                                                                                           and here

The necklace on that neckline just doesn't work, too crowded.
Image from here

The colour is beautiful her the boobies are not.  Like I said, it's the Oscars people, less is more when it comes to decolletage.
Image from here

I'm sure they ran out of crystals and sequins half way through.
Image from here

Like I said, I love silver.  Even with the froufrou feathers.  She looks lovely.
Image from here

I do get it, her op-see-yons are limited and I don't want to be the one to be mean to the pregnant lady but that's just sooooooo matronly.  There I said it and because I like her I'll say no more.
Image from here

I thought this was the perfect way for a fourteen year old to do Oscar glam.  So refreshing to see a young girl looking like exactly that, a young girl.  Watch and learn Miley.
Image from here
One word.  Why?
Image from here

Reese played it safe and there's nothing wrong with that.
Image from here

Case in point, Cate should have.  Or as one of my friends said, "beam me up Scotty".
Image from here

Look, for a woman of a certain age Sharon Stone is fantabulous, hell for a woman of my age Sharon Stone is fantabulous BUT the beehive, is too much.
Image from here

Nothing ain't wrong with it but something ain't right with it.  I think it's the band around her waist.
Image from here

I think Michelle can pull this look off.  She reminds me of Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick here.
Image from here

So to conclude, Gwyneth's frock tops my best dressed list and Cate's space suit tops my worst dressed list, only because she's set the bar so high.  Wow, how to give a back-handed compliment.  You know what I mean though.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My 2011 Oscar Predictions

If Colin Firth and Natalie Portman don't win Best Actor and Actress statuettes, I'll take up ballet and change my name to Mark Darcy.

Images from here and here

Melissa Leo should win for best supporting actress but her self-promoting consider campaign may turn academy members off.  If it does Hailee Steinfeld will collect.

Images from here and here.

Christian Bale will win best supporting actor for his work in The Fighter.  Academy voters love a good physical transformation.

Image from here

Social Network is tipped to win Best Picture but did it peak too early?  I don't think The King's Speech is out of the running by any stretch.

Images from here and here

Red Carpet Ready

I have been sadly remiss with my red carpet coverage this award season so I promise to rave about frocks in arcane minutiae tomorrow after I watch the mother of them all, cue kettle drums please, the Oscars, with a gaggle of gals...

...before that, because I think Natalie Portman is going to be the belle of the ball (my prediction post to follow later, of course), and because she has a particular challenge getting red carpet ready with a growing baby bump, a quick recap on her choices so far.

Critics Choice Awards

Image from here

Screen Actors Guild Awards

Image here

Golden Globe Awards

Image from here

Directors Guild Awards

Image from here
Independent Spirit Awards

Image from here

5 things you didn't need to know

1. Elton John and David Furnish have apparently chosen Lady Gaga to be godparent of their new bebe. WTF.
2. Barack Obama hasn't smoked a cigarette in over a year.
3. The current season of Two and a Half Men has been cancelled.  Only the current season?  Dammit.
4. Donna Hay has dropped 3 dress sizes.  How do you do that?  I want to know.  Now.
5. Angelina Jolie has commissioned a London based designer to create a diamond pendant for you-know-who with a teeny weeny "love message" engraved on it.  Trying to care.  Beats vials of blood soaked petals I s'pose.  And YES, I was a member of Team Aniston and NO, I haven't let it go.

Image from ABC News.

Paddington Pad

My Sunday paper tells me that Jackie O (of the Australian variety) has her Paddington terrace up for sale as she's making a permanent move to Kangaroo Valley on the NSW south coast.

At quick first glance I thought there was a mirrored wall reflecting back a room but no, it really is double delight.  I love it.

I'm so taken with all the beautiful fireplaces in this home.

My dream house would most definitely have a small table in the kitchen.

The LV Keepall might be a showy prop, but it doesn't stop me from wanting one!

27 Elizabeth Street

If you're in the market for a 4 bedder in Paddington catch up on all the specs here.
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