Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January Hiatus

Well I have had the most marvelous Christmas break and have returned home feeling rested and hopeful for all that a new year can promise.  With lots of things changing this year I’ve been giving some thought to my blog and whether or not it’s what I want to be doing at the moment.  The obvious thing about blogging is that it does leave you feeling a little overexposed sometimes.  Obviously.  Not so much to the far and wide but more to the good peeps you eyeball every day who are gracious enough to be following another local's ramblings.  Anyhoo, rather than throw the baby out with the bath water as I had originally intended to do,  thought I might take a little break while I catch my breath and claw back some space so have given myself January off to mull over and get settled into 2012 and after that will hopefully be back, bigger and brighter than ever J

Wishing us all the very best 2012,
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