Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Cutie

When it comes to Christmas trees I’m not the sort of girl who rotates her ornaments and has a different ‘theme’ each year.  No siree!  My theme is CHRISTMAS - all the ornaments, all the time, altogether.  I like it to be brrrrimming.  In fact, I am hoping the tree will one day topple over under the weight of it all (of course I’m hoping that any fragile favourites will fall gently onto a nearby cushion) and I will be forced to invest in an even bigger, more fabulous one.  I have a list of favourite shops whose Christmas ranges I like to check out each year, just in case, they’ve brought out any newbies my tree cannot live without.  One of my must-checks is Mozi and look what I found this year.

 Image from Mozi

A-DOR-ABLE.  I defy anyone to keep picturing their tree without her (and a few of her sisters).  I couldn't.



  1. Dam it! this was the year I did not NEED any more ornaments. Yet here I go to find that gorgeous little angel and maybe a sister or two to keep her company. Shhhhhhh, don't tell!

  2. Susie, it's not about need, get yourself a little family of angels :) Nx

  3. I have a huge collection I've gathered over the years. My grown kids love combing over the ones they've made and I tag my ornaments in the boxes I keep them in with the year and who gave them to me or who made it and the year.
    We have a friend in the neighborhood who hosts a Christmas ornament exchange every year to kick off the Christmas season. Great fun!

  4. I bet your collection is amazing Sush and how organised are you to store ornaments by year! Love the sound of an ornament exchange! Nx

  5. Just love collecting ornaments, some of mine go way back before my parents had me. Mimi xx

  6. She is lovely... I think Ebony may have a skirt made out of the same red apple material... maybe its a sign!!!

  7. Oh I love that Mimi! It is a sign Naids! Nx

  8. Lovely! It's a pretty ornament! Can't wait to see your tree! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

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