Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vanity Fair: August Issue

Well the August issue of VF has dropped and it's another dud cover story in my opinion (do I still have to clarify like that or can we just assume that is what a blog is all about?).  Honestly, I must be getting old because all I've got to say is who the f*** is Emma Stone?  I've barely heard of her.  I think I might of, but am not sure?  Can't even be bothered to google and find out.

This is the calibre of VF cover star wattage I have grown to expect...




...and quite frankly Graydon, I'd like to be kept in the manner I have become accustomed to!



  1. Emma Stone is hot with kids these days,
    and even if I'm not of their generation anymore
    I know her from 'Zombieland' and I think she'll be playing the role of Gwen Stacy the love interest of Spiderman in the new movie of said movie franchise.

    Oh don't be shocked I know these things,
    I have a ten year old son who loves
    super hero movies.

    Have a lovely weekend ♥

  2. You might recognize her if she'd ever go back to her lovely natural red hair but I'm still with you that Vanity Fair should stick to the more grandiose covers. Love your retrospective!

  3. I haven't seen 'Zombieland'...maybe I should hurry my girls to grow up so I'm more in touch! Love all the old covers - some classics in there. Thanks for your comment Nicole - don't ya just wish that sitting around having coffee burned calories? Drats it doesn't! You are doing brilliantly. Have a lovely weekend. Annie x.


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