Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Well I've put 600g back on this week taking my total weight loss back down to 8kg.  I'm cross at myself as I should have broken the 9kg barrier today.  I'd love to blame it on the fact that my sister had a baby and there was a fair amount of chaos in the family with visits and rushed dinners BUT the truth is, I think I just used it as an excuse to slacken off :(

I guesstimated the points value for everything I ate (and that's when I was making a token effort to count) and I didn't do any exercise.  My 2-3 walks a week were nothing major but they were helping to keep me motivated.

SO  my goals are back to what they were 2 weeks ago, TRACK & MAKE TRACKS - count points and exercise.

Here's to scrambling back onto the wagon!



  1. Not to worry! Just jump back in to it :)

  2. Good attitude, have fun on the wagon, & smash that 9kg :)

  3. hang in there chicklette - you can do this!!
    cheryl xox.

  4. You know what...as much as it sucks, you almost need those bad weeks to keep it on track. Still sucks tho! Just to be Pollyanna...the walks must be doing their thing if you missed them this week??? Annie x.

  5. Instead of jumping back on the wagon why not push it? Kill two birds with one stone. Exercise and keeping going!! You are doing great Nic!

  6. Bummer. In the grand scheme of things though, 600g is nothing. You can totally do this! You show that wagon who's boss!

  7. You are doing fantastic .. keep going .. you watch, next week you will lose 1.5+ and be WAY under the 9kg loss.

    I'll send you good health vibes (-:

  8. Thanks my very kind friends, I promise to report back with better news next Tuesday! Nx


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