Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Short and sweet tonight lovelies, this week I lost 1.1kg.  Woot woot!

A quick thought - I do find I tend to relax a bit from Wed to Sat where I seem to bask a bit in my good work. Which means on Sun - Tues I have to focus really hard to make sure I stay on track for Tues night weigh-in.  I'm working on being more balanced.

Not quite but nearly at my next goal of 85kg.


PS   I'm almost beginning to enjoy walking a few times a week. Almost.


  1. Loving the graph to chart your weight loss .. and definately a BIG woot woot re: 1.1kg. You'll be there before you know it ..

    Me .. the 100 day challenge .. ummm, I failed. I made it 4 days only. Then I just got a tad lazy. And I baked up a storm on the weekend so ate too much. I suppose I should start again (or keep on going) as I know that if I don't, when I get to 100 days, which I clearly marked on my calendar, I'll be ultra depressed I didn't lose the weight.

  2. woohoohoo!
    fantastic news.
    cheryl xox.

  3. Ugh, I made the mistake of reading this while eating chocolate frosting out of the container while slouching on my couch. Thanks for the guilt but keep up the awesome work - I look forward to your graph each week!

  4. I so wish that sitting around, coffee in hand, burned calories! I would be really good at that! Well done - you should be so proud of yourself. Sales are on too...Annie x.

  5. Happy Dance... on a Wednesday! Not long to go now! What happens at 85kg?

  6. Great job! Have an amazing day, Kellie xx

  7. As always, big THANKYOU for taking the time to cheer me on :) Nx

  8. Well done!Please send some of your motivation my way!!! Ange


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