Monday, June 20, 2011

Movie Review: Bridesmaids

Last week a group of us met up for another CATF movie (love, love, love) and it was snortingly, chokingly, gasping-for-breathingly HYSTERICAL.  I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.  Kristen Wiig's performance is achingly perfect as her life suffers blow after blow. Excruciatingly embarrassing in the way that makes you want to step into the screen and save her.

If you can't rustle up a gaggle of girlfriends to see this with, because it goes places no self-respecting chick flick should ever go (!),  you might just be able to twist the arm of your fella to accompany you and I'll eat my shorts if he isn't snorting with laughter too.

Izzle for shizzle, it romps in a 4/5 from me :)



  1. oh poop! friends were heading to it tonight but i couldn't make it - so glad it is so good, will have to make time to see it!

  2. LOVED this movie! I even saw it twice :)


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