Saturday, June 25, 2011

Find Of The Day

This morning I'm in love with this Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase I stumbled across at Anthropologie and I'm a bit twisted that they don't ship to the land of Oz :(  International trade anyone?

Buy it for $28 here.

I love their Anemone Mezzo Vase too.

It's only $18.00 here.

I don't like these as much but what do you think?

 From $18 - $28 here.



  1. What absolutely beautiful images. Think they are all gorgeous and so cheap...if only we could get them. Loving the yellow (of course) but think the Anemone one is pretty special too. Like! Annie x.

  2. But they DO ship to Australia!! I'm sure it's not cheap (the page says $50 but I don't know if that's for everything) or fast but they do send things our way.


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