Monday, June 6, 2011

P&P Press

A wee bit of showing off and shameless self-promotion - yesterday, our (and by our I mean The Princess & The Pea) lovely ABC Flashcards were featured along with lots of other great children's products on page 7 of the SHOP SMART lift-out in The Sunday Telegraph.

They come to us from Cavallini & Co, a San Francisco based paper maker (not nearly an exotic enough description of what they do).  Each card features a capital letter and gorgeous illustration, packaged in tin they are both playful and practical.

Buy a set for $35 over here if you are looking for a very sweet little gift.



  1. They are gorgeous. It's a shame that I already know my alphabet... ;p I might have to get some of those as a gift. Now I just need someone I know to have a baby.

  2. Self promote all you like as these are super lovely. My boys love their flash cards for maths (they call them the take-away cards .. ie: minus).

    Good luck tomorrow.
    I feel bad knowing you are working hard for results and each week I tell myself 'I should do that too' and then here it is, another week.
    So, I wish YOU luck tomorrow (-:


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