Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Sadly it's neither good or bad news which really means bad news in the weight loss battle, doesn't it.  I didn't lose and I didn't put on.  My total weight lost remains at 4.5kg.

While part of me is relieved (I wasn't very good with my food in the second half of the week), it's always disappointing not to lose any!  My next goal of 85kg (and a fab new Oroton bag) seems further than ever :(

So as a woman who needs a plan, what to do about this?  My thoughts:

1. I'll track what I eat more faithfully.  I did this during the first few weeks of the WW program and it did make a difference as my food choices were conscious ones.

2. Regrettably, I do believe it may be time to start moving.  At least a little.  So my goal for this week is to go for a walk three times before next Tuesday.

Down but not quite out,


  1. As icky as it is, exercise does seem to cut it. Good on you this week though and sure next week will even better. I started up yoga a year ago and it's the first exercise I've done that I actually enjoy rather than endure. Find what you enjoy doing and it won't be quite so horrid! Annie x.

  2. Bummer! Gotta agree with Annie though, exercise does help when you find something you enjoy doing! And when you see the results, it can become addictive! Good luck for next week!

  3. Are you a social person? Maybe try a team sport? I play actionball (a bit like netball) once a week, and our team is hopeless but it's more about having fun and getting a bit of exercise!

    You should head over to my blog and enter my giveaway! That will make you feel better ;p

  4. Keep pluggin away! What about power shopping?? That's moving, isn't it?? I'm horrible at the diet/weight loss thing...I become angry and violent..it's just safer for everyone if I don't ;) You go gurl!

  5. I've thought on and off about yoga over the years Annie as I do hear so many good reports about it.

    Am sure you're right Meghan, the trick will definitely be finding something I enjoy so it's not the chore it currently is :(

    Nat, I think maybe I should start with a team sport as I am very social, I must investigate what is available around here. Now to pop over to your blog and enter your giveaway, it will most definitely make me feel better!

    Well, I did some power shopping yesterday Kelle, I certainly think that counts. When you buy new clothes you feel so much better and it definitely inspires you to keep going!

    Thanks so much for your support girls, so good of you!



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