Monday, January 10, 2011

5 things you didn't need to know

And because I'm nothing if not frivolous, a quick celebrity/entertainment update in order of what directly impacts me personally ;)

1. Posh is preggers. I hope she has a girl.

2. I can't wait for Oprah, Behind the Scenes to come to Oz.

3. Kate Middleton will make her way to the Abbey by car not horse drawn carriage. It's riveting stuff.

4. A few months ago I thought I should cancel my Vanity Fair subscription when it turned up with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. This month when it arrived with Justin Bieber staring blankly out at me, I did. Come on Graydon, it's Vanity Fair.

5. Princess Mary has had her twins, a la natural, one of each. Of course she has. What I meant to say was, congrats.

I dare you to take in these seven fabulous images of their shoot with German Vogue and not turn a delicate shade of green. Physical challenge.

I'm positively reptilian.


  1. oooh hadnt seen these great fotties I wonder who the photographer was?

  2. Google tells me it was Marc Hom, aren't they lovely photos! Nicolex

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