Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Rooms

After a long break I'm back so a simple one to start with...

As I begin the new year by clearing away Christmas and doing things like tidying up the spare 'oom after all our fun holiday visitors, I'm reminded of these lovely guest rooms:

Very peaceful. I do love plates hanging on the wall.

Not necessarily my hue, but can certainly appreciate the statement.

The writing nook is delightful, and while I love these neutrals it does feel like the
room could do with a little pop of colour somewhere.

Very grand, looks more like a room in an art deco boutique hotel.

I may be getting in touch with my inner coral, but I just love this room. The unpolished boards, the lights, the nets, the beds, the white bedding with coloured pillows. I even like the position of the beds in the room. Very casual but still smart (smart casual, I like it), breezy and relaxing.

Twin guest room Nirvana.

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