Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Will try to keep these Tuesday WW reports to the point - this week I lost 400g bringing my grand total lost to 4.5kg.

While a loss is a loss, I will confess that I'm rather disappointed that it wasn't more (the last 2 weeks have been -2kg and -2.1kg) as I feel like I've been SO GOOD this week!   Have already had a cry to my husband (why me?) and pep talk with my BFF so here's to onward and upward...or should I say downward :)


PS  I won't subject you to my personal theory about the hostile weigh-in lady not reading the scales correctly this week (they've already made one mistake in my book that cost me 500g). No, I'm not grasping at straws, not at all!


  1. Woohooo! Go Nicolex (insert cheesy victory dance). Like you said, a loss is a loss! You have a weigh-in lady? Sounds kinda scary! Just out of curiosity, does she hold a clipboard and give you stern looks?

  2. downward girl! there's no other way. What was your goal again, 30kg??? so much, aim for 10 first, then you're already half way there, I think they say that at WW don't they, 10% is your first goal. Can't remember now. You're doing fine. Hopefully 2kg this week, I fell more likely 1kg, or 1.5, but all of these are good, specially 20wks in a row!!! lol

  3. Fantastic! That is an excellent weekly average. Really well done so far! And next week, I bet you have to give your "oh-yeah!" face to the lady standing on the easy side of the scales. Keep up the fab work! xx

  4. Has it really been a week already? Time just flies. And that's the key. A loss any week is fantastic and pretty soon a month will have gone by and you will be down 3kgs plus - maybe even 5kgs. Times that by 3 months and imagine the big smile.

    So keep going - you've done well. And let's hope the nasty lady who can't read numbers isn't there next week.

  5. Baby steps, the loss will last longer and be more managable.

  6. Thanks so much all of you - feel so supported by Blogginton in this challenge of mine :)



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