Monday, May 23, 2011


Have been debating whether to write about this but as it seems to be consuming so much of my focus and effort at the moment I've decided to go ahead and do so.

It's quite simple really, after being one of those skinny bitches right up until my late 20s it was with great shock that I found myself putting on weight, so much so I didn't even realise it was happening for the first number of kilos!  I'm serious.  A few weeks ago (2 and 6 days to be precise) and 8 years and 30kg later I finally decided to do something about it (again) and joined up with the local Weight Watchers group.


I'm not sure if it's a true confession without relinquishing control of all details so let me tell you exactly where I'm coming from - 93.7kg (or "ninety three point f***ing seven" as I snarled to a group of girlfriends after my first weigh-in).  Pardon mon Francais but it is seriously gutting to hear a number you didn't think your weight abacus went up to!

I have to say though, as depressing as that first step onto the scales is, it's also a relief as you realise you're finally doing something about it.  So every Tuesday at 5:45pm I trundle off to my weigh-in and make myself sit there for the mind-numbing meeting afterwards (I use the time to reflect on what I've done during the week to give me the good/bad result and it stops me from rushing off after the scales and celebrating/commiserating with food).  And without being too trite, there is something to be said for the camaraderie of bulge battling.

Of course I'm rewarding myself handsomely for this latest bout of self control & focus and have set myself lots of little goals along the way with fabulous rewards (which of course get better as I get closer to my goal weight).  My first was to get under 90kg which I did at weigh-in last Tuesday so I bought myself that pair of red Pip Duck boots I was lusting after here .  There I am gardening, wait, taking a break from the gardening (complete with flanny and peculiar camera smile??), in them yesterday.  Why include the current pic when it is such a departure from my former self?  It's part of the healing I'm sure ;)

SO, each Tuesday, you'll be treated subjected to my weigh-in ecstasy or hysteria (depending on whether I lose or gain) as I slog towards my ultimate goal of reaching 63.7kg.

I do realise this has been a VERY self indulgent post but then isn't that what most blogs are full of.  They're allowed to be, their ours.



  1. Good luck! I look forward to more exciting posts. I'm sure you will reach your target sooner than you think :) Those boots are gorgeous btw. Such a lovely color.

    <3 Belly B

  2. I'm excited you're doing this & was just researching WW earlier today so I can start after I have this darn baby (they have a breastfeeding friendly program, hallelujah). Love those boots & will be cheering you on kilo for kilo!

  3. Good on you Nicole, that's very gutsy to write about it on your blog. And I hope that it helps with inspiration and encoragement. And congrats for reaching your first milestone! I love those new gumboots, I bought myself a pair today actually, just BigW ones but they're really cute and have the side buckle like yours. Have a great evening,

  4. I am very very self indulgent on MY blog... my blog my rules is my favourite saying... and I realise I have been lurking most rudely on yours - time to comment - sorry for being so slack!

    Good on you for a) doing it and b) writing about it... I am sure it holds us all to achieving the things we write about. Good luck and keep it up with the treats of the no-cal variety!

  5. Good luck Nicolex! I'll be here on Tuesdays cheering you along! What is your next treat to yourself?? I love that idea!

  6. Ladies you are all SO kind! I'm already feeling so buoyed by your encouragement, unexpected and so appreciated!!

    Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line Belinda, the boots are a fab colour aren't they. Makes it almost a pleasure to do the gardening :)

    Ash, I have a friend who is starting with WW because of their breastfeeding friendly program so will let you know how she finds it.

    I've been pottering around everywhere in my new gumboots Janette, and have been chuffed at how many things around the house I can find to wear them doing, even mowed the lawn in them today :).

    Ann, I love it, "my blog, my rules". Exactly :) Thanks so much for turning your lurking into commenting :) So lovely to hear from another fellow blogger.

    Thanks Meghan, really appreciate your support! My next treat to myself is this so I'm striving as hard as I can to 85kg!

  7. Woohoooo.
    I am very excited for you.
    I'll come back every Tuesday to cheer you.
    Then when you are a skinny bi*^h again I will cheer from the rooftops (-:

  8. Mmmm... orange cake. Ooops!! Wrong post... ha ha!! Kidding... so proud of you!! Can't wait to see your amazing collection of "rewards" along the way... wishing you on to your next goal so we can see the next treat!! Whooo... !!

  9. I know Naids! I thought it was v ironic that I was posting my weight confession along with a recipe for orange cake today:) Thanks for your support tho, really do appreciate it! Nicx

  10. Hurray for you! What a good girl...and I shall be too (Tomas)! Very inspiring (especially with those boots on!). Think I shall order a pair at once for my first target too! Right along with you here...started a new blog on this very topic myself recently. It's the year for it. Looking forward to Tiny-arse Tuesdays from now on! T&J both cheering for you...can't wait to see what the next reward will be xx

  11. Good on you for sharing Nicole. I was the opposite - a chubby teenager who seems to have sorted it out (at 41)! I do remember at the end of my first year of uni (the beer and nachos year) walking down the street (with a skinny friend) and feeling the strain of my 'fat jeans' - that moment when you know it's gone beyond okay! I think you need that moment to really want to lose the weight. I now really enjoy my food and exercise and it all seems to work for me. Good on you and love the fab boots! Annie x.

  12. oh wow - can't wait to see you progress, I'm behind you 110% - it's not easy at our age to lose weight, so hang in there!!! Maybe you'll inspire me??? maybe not??? me - lazy bum!

  13. Thanks for you cheers Linda, bring on the skinny bitch again :)

    Good on you for getting it sorted Annie L, I KNOW that feeling of the 'fat jeans' all too well and can't wait to fit skinny ones again :)

    You're right, tt's v hard at this age Annie View, thanks for your support!


  14. Good on you! Well done on your first milestone achievement. Hear's to many more!!! Ange

  15. Thanks Ange! Looking forward to my next one now (85kg).



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