Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review: Air Kisses

I just finished reading Air Kisses.  Written by Zoe Foster, a former Beauty and Lifestyle Editor for Cosmopolitan and Beauty Editor for Harper's BAZAAR, it's not a new release by any stretch (Aug, 2009) but certainly new to me. It was in the giveaway bag a few CATF (chicks at the flicks, keep up people hehe) sessions ago and have just gotten around to reading it.

In short - light and fairly fluffy (like all good chick lit) with some chuckle out loud moments.  It filled the spot, I loiked it.  Reminds me a little of the way Maggie Alderson (who I love) writes.

Zoe's new book Amazing Face comes out in June.



  1. I thought the same... I loiked it too... not bad for a freebie!!

  2. perhaps i should learn to log in as myself... xoxo Nadine

  3. Yes, I got a fright when I saw Jez had comment on Air Kisses. Still I thought, he's a pretty avid reader so it wouldn't have surprised me if he'd read it! Nx


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