Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Find of the Day

It's always so exciting when a new follower joins in, especially when your blog is just starting to grow and it feels like every new visitor is confirmation that there really is someone out there :) This morning I was delighted to read a comment left by this lovely new reader at The Zhush. Of course I wasted no time popping over to see what it was all about and have a browse through  It was there I spotted what would definitely be my Find of the Day...

...these handsome alchemy trays.

You can buy the set of 3 here for $180.  If you live in the US shipping is free for any
order over $100.  If you don't, you can contact her here for a quote.

I love them.


  1. Love The Zhush shop and her blog! Glad I found yours...and even better you are in Australia, I adore Australia! Janell

  2. Thanks Janell, Australia is a wonderful place to live, just a little far from everything when you want to travel anywhere! I'm loving your bench makeover journey and really can't wait to see the end result! It's going to be lovely. Nicolex


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