Sunday, March 13, 2011

Find Of The Day

I must confess I missed these little beauties in the first reading of my Instyle mag but Louise from Table Tonic's post about the latest issue sent me back to mine for a more leisurely appreciation.  This time they caught my eye immediately.  It's not so much the pure soy wax or 100% essential oils that floats my boat (though of course they're great too) but rather the one-off vintage vessels these candles are housed in.  I just love that your left with something so beautiful once the candle has finished doing it's thing :) 

                  $150                                               $110                                             $65

Pop over here and have a look, you'll have to be a bit patient with their site as the images are a little slow to load, but the candles are completely worth it, if you ask me.  


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