Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Holiday

We're off to Leura next weekend. It's proving a bit tricky finding somewhere to stay that fits all of us in and has the right, how shall I say, ambiance (said with snide French accent). It's Mum's birthday so we want it to be nice and because their will be little ones in tow it can't be ridiculously posh either. Nor can it be set back in the bush too far, we want to amble down to the local cafes & shops, not trek.

Enter, the perfect property. Ellengowan. Five large bedrooms, four bathrooms, two fireplaces and a number of entertaining areas set on two beautiful acres. I LOVE that they specifically say Children Very Welcome! A number of other properties in the area that aren't half as beautiful, pretentiously sniff at the thought of children in their corridors. So it's a delight that the loveliest one of all is so warm :)

I bags the room with a view.

Oh wait, they all have one. Is that one of Martha's beds I spy?

Al fresco dining...

...into the evening.

Not really a spa kind of gal but others in the family might be.

The kids will have a blast.

What is not to love?!

I want this exact kitchen scenario in my dream house...let's face it I want this exact entire scenario in my dream house!

So, WEEPING AND GNASHING of teeth to find out it is booked for the weekend we want! Of course it is. We will have to stay elsewhere for this next visit but are already trying to find a common week that we can all go away and live the dream for just a little while. Sigh.

Images from Stayz.


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