Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Torture

I put 600g on this week and I'm pretty bloody frustrated to be honest. It's not gracious at all as you've all been unbelievably supportive but I feel too flat to go into the why why why and the sight of that damn graph will send me over the edge I'm sure.  

What you should know is that I haven't given up and I am going to try harder this week but I have certainly given up talking about it for today.



  1. Yep - been there, and I think most of us have. Don't worry sweetie...have a lovely evening and see how you feel tomorrow. Good on you for sharing x.

  2. It is the bane of my existence...but I still know you will kick it to the curb!

  3. Hope you are feeling more positive today.
    Remember it takes your body ages to realise it is thinner .. a good few weeks. So every 5kgs or so you might hit a plateau .. but then your body will be ready to lose some more. Next week if you are able to stick with it you will have lost the 600gms + at least another kilo. THEN the graph will look better. Keep going. You can do it. Then you will be skinny-you-from-that-photo (-:

  4. Oh Nic! It's discouraging I know. You'll get there, consistency is they key...and even though you might put on a tiny bit this week, you'll take OFF more over the long term.


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