Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

Am back from the loveliest of weekends visiting a friend and her new bebe.   The first thing we did after pick-up was to drop in and visit Oliveaux's newly opened store in Woolloongabba.  Love!  Am cross at myself that I didn't think to ask Amanda if I could take some pictures to post here, she has created such an a-marzing space in there.  You'll just have to pop in yourselves.  Saturday was spent lunching and dinnering with friends and a lazy Sunday lolling around catching up on everything.  Utopia.

The digs.

I know.

The Oliveaux loot.

There's only so much you can fit into an already overweight suitcase.

The pie.  Coconut Cream.  Wicked.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of our finished 'pa' so 
you'll have to 'make do' with one of Martha's.

Old friends are the comfort food of company don't you think.  Rhetorical question.



  1. Oh so jealous of your Oliveaux visit (lovely loot too by the way). And what can I say about the digs other than: LOVE! Spotted the beautiful Christmas tree in the window too!

  2. What a lovely weekend - so glad you had such a nice time. LOVE the painted bowl thingie. What a house! Did you play croquet??? Annie x.

  3. Yes my only regret is I couldn't bring more Oliveaux booty back with me Meg :( Well I shall be forced to visit again and Annie, yes I think I'll suggest a game of croquet too.


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