Sunday, September 11, 2011

For the last 33 years (still young enough for it not to be a crime to mention the age) the most important thing about September 11 in our family has been a birthday.  And it still is.  Happy Birthday Tilly!

For the rest of the world, and NY in particular obviously, September 11 marks the anniversary of the terror attacks that changed the world forever.  I thought these photos of the 9/11 Memorial that was dedicated today (and opens to the public tomorrow) were worth sharing. The two pools are quite something.   

 Image from here

 Image from here

The view looking back towards the city last night.

 Image from here

And PS, if this picture doesn't make you want to visit New York, I don't know what will.



  1. yes I def want to visit there, so sad watching all the 9/11 doco's atm, such a terrible discriminatory regime in alqueda & taliban. I just can't understand how people can be sooo terrible in this day and age.

  2. oh wow - the memorial looks amazing.
    i can't watch (on tv) anything right now on 9/11 - i'm tearing up enough just reading all the blog entries on the subject. it's an event that we will NEVER forget.
    cheryl xox.


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