Monday, August 8, 2011

I Heart Planning

I am the original list maker (have I ever mentioned that I once found a list I had written of, wait for it, LISTS THAT NEEDED TO BE WRITTEN!  True story.) SO it was only natural that a trip this momentous was going to send me into overdrive.  My tour de force has to be the planner that has blossomed on our lounge room wall.  The colour-coded post-its have been arranged and rearranged many times over since this photo was taken and I can tell you, while I am exhausting myself (and probably Mr. B as well) I am having the most fun! 

I still can't quite believe that the planets have aligned and we're finally going!  Today I caught up with a friend I'd worked with 10 years ago and she asked me if I'd been to New York yet (I sometimes forget how long I've been prattling on about it for).  It was so exciting to be able to say, "You know what, I'm going in 6 weeks time!".  Boo-yah!  (Not quite sure who I'm saying that for but it felt like a Boo-yah moment when I typed it).



  1. Oh Nic, that planner is hysterical! I love it & I am so happy you guys are finally going. I keep thinking of things I should suggest but the best thing about New York is discovering it for yourself - I'm sure you have enough built up that you want to see & then once you're there, it's such a treat to get lost & fall in love with random corners. Of course as a someone who has no shame in being a tourist, I do highly recommend jumping on & off the double decker bus tours & maybe getting tickets to a TV taping if there are any available.

  2. too funny!!
    so very excited for you - need someone to carry your bags???!!
    cheryl xox.

  3. happy to have just found your blog via Wishful Thinking...
    A list about making lists?! I love it and will have to write one of my own now!
    Also, congrats on the upcoming holiday.

  4. You can booyah me! I"m always up for a booyah!!

  5. Thank goodness I am not the only one! (I have been known to make a list of lists once or twice too!) This planner is insanely genius! I am very impressed! NY is coming up for us in 6 weeks too (visas depending), the excitement is almost too much to bear!


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