Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday Torture

Well I lost 1.4kg tonight which brings my total loss to 9.3kg.  It was a relief to lose again after putting on for the last 2 weeks in a row.  I walked 4 times last week and apart from a few shockers was really quite good with my eating, so I'm glad for the great loss.

It's a particularly good loss because I went under the 85kg mark which of course means reward time, ding ding ding!  Every 5kg remember, so tomorrow night I will be sashaying out to dinner with my new mesh bag from Oroton.  I like it, I like it a lot.

It feels like I've loved these bags forever, I got my very first Oroton mesh purse in Grade 2 (I know!) and the spell has never worn off.  If you're in the market for something shiny and new it is a FABULOUS time to buy one of these beauties as they are $70 off at the moment!  That is a discount not to be scoffed at.  Have a look here.

I'm back (and just a little bit sparkly).


  1. Hooray! Knew you would bounce back! Have fun sashaying out to dinner with you new bag!

  2. Not sure what I am more excited about .. the weight loss OR the bag .. let me think awhile and I'll get back to you (-:

    Congrats Nicole!!!!

  3. Yay! Well done! Very much deserving of glow mesh! Love those sparkly stars when you reach a goal :) Celebrate girl! x

  4. huge congrats lovely lady!!!
    huge effort - well done.
    celebration time indeed!

  5. Keep it going because I want to see the next prize! You're doing great!!

  6. Well done Nicole. You must be so pleased. You definitely deserve the gorgeous bag. Don't wear it to the next weigh in though...must weigh the odd kilo! Annie x.

  7. Well done! And I love the purse :) I have a vintage glomesh wallet and I love it!

  8. ....a fabulous result! You definitely deserve a lovely reward for your super effort!! Have a lovely evening! Axx

  9. well done mate. I have to say I lost trail of your progress since 2nd week, I was actually looking for it about a week ago, couldn't find it. I wondered if you'd quit!! anyways I stumbled over you in my blog roll today thinking What Does Torture Tues mean - and then - BAM - found you again - and 9kg - OMG, that is fantastic, such a success, despite a couple of slow weeks, now for a couple of fast weeks to catch up. I've also started a diet - I'm doin ok, no cheating YET! 3kgs down, only about 20 to go!!! argghhhh

  10. Thank you so VERY much ladies, I feel the luckiest having so many friends cheering me on and have absolutely no excuse to fail!



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