Sunday, July 3, 2011

Do Fish Sleep?

Funny story, one afternoon a year or so ago when my sister's kids where spending an afternoon with us, I gave her a call to check it was OK that I buy them a fish each (I wasn't going to be the one explaining the great hereafter when they died so I though permission should be sought). With bad phone reception and static on the line, it turns out what she thought she was saying yes to was me getting them fish & chips for lunch.  Not so, and into the family came Bibble and Thomas.  Quite frankly, I had expected this day a lot sooner than it eventuated but a few mornings ago poor old Thomas didn't wake up :(  Once the tears and upset had subsided the kids got to work on the very important task of a proper burial and I had to share their most glorious marking of the occasion with not one, but five gravestones :)

I just love the epitaph.  

No point mincing words :)



  1. Long live Bibble... because there isn't much room left for "her" gravestone.


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