Friday, September 10, 2010


I have just discovered Sydney artist Anna-wili Highfield thanks to this post here and another one here(both from Mandy at 16 HOUSE). Born in 1980 (OK I officially feel old), she is the daughter of a puppeteer and grew up surrounded by creativity. While she sculpts all sorts of creatures with copper pipe, it is her work with paper that most fascinates me. She works mainly by commission and her work has recently been exhibited in the Anthropologie Gallery in New York. Have a look at more of her work here.

Love how she's captured the familiar tilt of a magpie's head.


  1. She really is amazing and such a cool girl too, I am so in love with my sculptures ... a lot of saving but well worth the investment !!!

  2. PS Just left a note on your Melbourne post.


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