Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I cleaned out and reorganised our pantry. I'm appalled at how much food I had to throw out because of long past use by dates! That's what you get for being UNABLE TO SEE what you have in there because of the clutter and manic stacking upon stacking. So now it is organised in neat rows and my meticulously labelled containers chirp out their contents whenever I open the door. If only in the end it looked like some of these ones...

I like the light and cabinets either side of the door...

Image from Pretty Organised Palace

...and the basket of green apples.

Image from Closet Tailors

The red door and fork handle are quirky touches for a utilitarian space.

Image from Country Living

Peaceful white.

Image from White Floors
The best 'til last, this Matthew Quinn pantry is glamourous and grand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pewter, but the best feature...the "secret entry".

Image from Eva Designs


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